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Available Medicare Advantage Plans 2023 Increased By 6 Percent

Medicare Advantage Plans 2023 Data: The total of available Medicare Advantage plans in 2023 has reached a record according to analysis of data by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. 

The number of Medicare Advantage plans available nationwide for individual enrollment in 2023 is 3,998. This represents a 6 percent increase over the number of plans available in 2022.

The number of Medicare Advantage plans has been steadily increasing over recent years.

Medicare Advantage plans available in 2023: 3998
2022 – 3,770
2020 – 3,068
2015 – 1,859
2010 – 2,259

A Medicare Advantage (MA) plan is another way for individuals to get Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. MA plans are sometimes referred to as “Part C” coverage.

These plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies. The companies, often insurance companies or health care entities, must follow rules set out by Medicare (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).

Individuals enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan get most of their Part A and Part B coverage from the Medicare Advantage Plan, not Original Medicare.  These plans include

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). The vast majority today include Medicare drug coverage (Part D).

In addition, a growing number of MA plans today provide additional benefits. These can include fitness programs (gym memberships or discounts). The majority today also offer some vision, hearing, and dental services.

Some MA plans offer coverage for services like transportation to doctor visit. They may offer some benefit for over-the-counter drugs, and services that promote health and wellness.

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