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Bio Medicare Insurance Expert – Jesse Slome

Medicare-insurance-expert-Jesse-SlomeJesse Slome is founder and director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).  Established in 1999, the organization advocates for the importance of Medicare insurance planning and supports professionals who market Medicare Insurance products.

AAMSI conducts and publishes relevant information regarding Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) and Medicare drug plans.

The organization is funded from revenue generated by conducting the industry’s national Medicare Insurance conference as well as from independent agents who wish to be listed on the Association’s Find A Medicare Insurance Agent directory.

Slome is frequently included in relevant articles appearing in national, local and trade media.  He often provides interviews for broadcast media and podcasts.

In addition to Medicare, Slome is founder and serves as director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (since 1997) as well as the American Association for Critical Illness Insurance.

Prior to establishing these trade organizations, Slome served as a Director of Marketing for Transamerica Life Companies (annuity division).  He was a field General Manager and Sales Director for Aetna Pension Operations building 401(k) plan distribution.

An award-winning marketing and public relations professional, Slome was a senior-level executive with several New York City-based public relations agencies.  He directed campaigns for Aetna, Citibank, Hartford insurance as well as numerous companies including General Foods, Molson Breweries.

Along with a partner, he headed up the national introduction of the Cabbage Patch Kids for which he was recognized with the Public Relations industry’s top award.  Shortly after he was recognized a second time for the creation and implementation of a campaign on behalf of Tang and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Medicare Insurance Experts – Finding The Best Policy For You

Medicare is not simple.  Just the opposite.  That’s one reason a significant number of people are dissatisfied with their plan choice.

Each year many switch plans.  But NOT EVERYONE CAN switch.  That’s why getting the best information is so vital to you.

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance does NOT sell insurance.  But here are some things we have learned along the way.  Maybe they can help you.

  1. There are MORE plan options than you could ever compare.
  2. Medicare is national but your plan choices are very LOCAL.
  3. Every plan is sold by an INSURANCE AGENT.
  4. No agent knows or sells EVERY PLAN.

More Medicare Plans Than You Can Ever Compare

The average individual can choose from between 30 and 50 different Medicare Advantage plans.  Plus, you likely have between 10 and 20 different Medicare Supplement insurance plans available.

They may all sound similar.  But there can be important differences.  Those differences only matter when you have health care needs.  That’s when making the wrong choice can be costly — or, at the very least, frustrating.

Medicare Plan Choices Are Local

Right down to your Zip Code.  There are now more television ads for Medicare plans.  And, sometimes it seems that the only people still sending mail are Medicare Insurance companies.

We believe that choice is great.  Educate yourself.

Because plans can be so LOCAL – many consumers like to speak with at least one local Medicare Insurance agent.  They may have valuable insights about plans.  Chance’s are they know what your neighbors like and dislike about various plans.

That’s the primary reason we make available the directory of local agents.  It will help you quickly find people in your area who are worth speaking with.

Only Insurance Agents Sell

When you call a toll free number on a company’s direct mail piece, you will generally be speaking to a licensed insurance agent.  When you call the number advertised on TV, you’ll be speaking with an agent.

The law mandates that only licensed agents can sell these products.  that’s designed to protect consumers.  Because agents must undergo training and licensing.

BUT – some agents only sell (or favor) one (1) particular Medicare policy.  Some (typically called brokers) will represent more than one.

Ready To Connect With A Local Medicare Insurance Expert

Use the online directory to see agents and brokers available to help you.

Their description will tell you such information as how long they have been selling Medicare Insurance.  It can also explain if they offer Medicare Advantage as well as Medicare Supplement solutions.

Simply enter your Zip Code in the box at the top right.