Medicare Information

Medicare Information

Medicare Tax Deductions 2023


Medicare Tax Deductions 2023: In 2020 15.5 million individuals itemized deductions according to the latest IRS data. Nearly 4 million took medical expense deductions. Here’s what seniors should know about deducting Medicare

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Health Status Of Seniors; Older Medicare Beneficiaries Report Improvement

health status of seniors

Health Status Of Seniors News: Between 2010 and 2018, the share of people ages 65 to 74 reporting being in only “fair” or “poor” health fell from 21.2 percent to 19.1 percent

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Medicare Savings Program New York Program Improvements

Medicare Savings Program

Hundreds of thousands of New York residents are eligible to enroll in the expanded 2023 Medicare Savings Program (MSP). MSPs pay the monthly Medicare Part B premium and experts warn that many

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Medicare Fraud – How To Report And Get A Reward

Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud and scams are a crime. The federal government admits that a staggering $60 billion is stolen annually through Medicare scams. Some believe the amount is much more. Here’s what you

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Lower Your 2023 Medicare Tax; 2022 Tax Planning Tip


When it comes to lowering your 2023 Medicare tax, a little bit of attention can result in a significant savings. Starting January 1, some Americans will pay $6,726 for Medicare Part B

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Medicare General Enrollment Period; 2023 Changes Benefit Seniors


Starting January 1, 2023, several changes in Medicare enrollment can benefit seniors. One change impacts the Medicare General Enrollment Period (GEP). GEP runs between January 1 and March 31. The Medicare General

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2023 Medicare Changes – New Benefits and Costs


The following highlight key 2023 Medicare changes. Some changes are positive, such as vaccines being covered. Others may cost you more. While Medicare is a national program, we continue to point out

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What Are The 4 Types of Medicare?


There are 4 types of Medicare and you have to choose one. The plan you choose can be critical and avoiding mistakes can be difficult. That’s because everyone wants to sell you

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Difference Between Medicare Broker Medicare Agent


Do you know the difference between Medicare Broker Medicare Agent? Few seniors know the difference. But it matters if you want someone to help you get the best Medicare insurance coverage and

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Is The Medicare Grocery Benefit A Scam?


Is the Medicare Grocery Benefit for real? Medicare doesn’t provide money for groceries. But some Medicare Advantage (MA) plans do. If a particular MA plan includes this benefit, understand that only individuals

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