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Medicare Supplement Price Index Plan G

The Association’s 2022 Medicare Supplement insurance Price Index reports prices for policies.  Ten largest metro areas compared for men and women age 65.  New York City remains most costly.  Dallas offers lowest-cost Med Supp policies.  Here are 2022 lowest costs for a female age 65:

  • Dallas – $99.24-per-month
  • Washington, D.C. – $104.44
  • Phoenix – $115.52
  • Chicago – $116.30
  • Atlanta – $116.36
  • Houston – $121.18
  • Los Angeles – $135.00
  • New York City – $278.25

Costs for Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Can Vary Widely

Medigap Plan G is the top Medicare Supplement plan choice among men and women turning age 65.  Nearly 55 percent (54.9%) buy Plan G coverage.

The Association’s 2022 Price Index Plan G Medigap comparison reports the lowest and highest prices for 10 large U.S. markets.

Summary of Highlights

  1. Rates continue to vary significantly.  In some cities, the highest rate is more than double the lowest.
  2. No single insurance company always had the lowest policy costs.
  3. Neither was any single insurer consistently the highest priced plan.
  4. In 4 markets, 2022 rates are higher than 2021.  New York, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix.
  5. For 2 markets, the 2022 rates are lower.  Atlanta and Philadelphia.
  6. In 4 markets, 2022 rates are equal to 2021.  Los Angeles, Washington, DC., San Francisco, Dallas.
  7. Policy Fees ranged from $0 to $25.
  8. Companies with the lowest premiums may add the fee.  So might companies with the highest premium.
  9. Household Discounts ranged from 0% to 14%.  Some of the lowest premium offers could be even lower after  the Household discount is applied.

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2022 Medicare Supplement Price Index Plan G



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