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Medicare News

Medigap Buyers Top States

California Medigap Buyers Top States

Medigap Buyers Top States Ranked – California Tops Nation With Most Seniors Owning Medicare Supplement

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2023 Medigap Turning 65 Plan Choices

2023 Medigap Turning 65 Plan Chopices Report

2023 Medigap Turning 65 Plan Choices by seniors continue to favor Medicare Supplement Plan G

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Medicare Agents Help Seniors Save On Drug Plan Costs

Seniors Save On Drug Plans 2024

Seniors can save significant dollars by comparing Medicare drug plans during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period that starts October 15.

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Medicare Advantage Top 10 Plans In 2023

Medicare Advantage Top 10 2023

Medicare Advantage Top 10 plans in 2023 have nearly 80 percent of all MA plan enrollees. The largest is UnitedHealthcare which has the AARP ‘endorsement’ followed by Humana. The top-10 MA plans

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Medicare Beneficiaries By State

Medicare Beneficiaries By State

Medicare Beneficiaries By State – Top 10 States ranked by the number of Medicare beneficiaries. California – 6,411,106 Florida – 4,680,137 Texas – 4,286,051 New York – 3,672,562 Pennsylvania – 2,776,113 Ohio

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Medicare Advantage Drug Plans Latest Enrollment Data

Medicare Advantage Drug Plans

Medicare Advantage Drug Plans 2023 Enrollment Data: Enrollment in stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plans (PDPs) declined in 2022. This coverage, commonly referred to as Medicare Part D, is used to supplement Original

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Medicare Tax Deductions 2023


Medicare Tax Deductions 2023: In 2020 15.5 million individuals itemized deductions according to the latest IRS data. Nearly 4 million took medical expense deductions. Here’s what seniors should know about deducting Medicare

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Top 10 Additional Medicare Advantage Benefits

Additional Medicare Advantage Benefits

The vast majority of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans now include additional benefits, typically at no added charge. Here are the 10 most popular additional Medicare Advantage benefits being offered by individual plans in

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Available Medicare Advantage Plans 2023 Increased By 6 Percent

Medicare Advantage Plans 2023

Medicare Advantage Plans 2023 Data: The total of available Medicare Advantage plans in 2023 has reached a record according to analysis of data by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.  The

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Health Status Of Seniors; Older Medicare Beneficiaries Report Improvement

health status of seniors

Health Status Of Seniors News: Between 2010 and 2018, the share of people ages 65 to 74 reporting being in only “fair” or “poor” health fell from 21.2 percent to 19.1 percent

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