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Best Medigap 2023 Prices

Finding the best Medigap 2023 prices depends on where you live. It can really pay to comparison shop. In New York where the lowest monthly rate for Medigap Plan G is $278, the highest for identical coverage is $476. In Iowa, where the cheapest is $79, the most expensive is $192. Below we report the lowest rates for Medicare Supplement Plan G found in each state.

Here’s what consumers need to know about finding the best Medicare Supplement (or Medigap) insurance coverage.

  • Rates (premiums) are based on where you live.
  • There can be as many as 20 different insurers offering coverage.
  • No one insurance company always had lowest cost.
  • Neither is one insurer consistently the most expensive.
  • Insurers can offer discounts (up to 14% or more).
  • They can charge added premium fees (not shown below),
  • Insurance agents may represent only 1 or 2 plans.
  • Some agents (brokers) will represent more insurance companies.
  • Asking about the history of rate increases is important.

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Turning 65? Find The Best Medigap 2023 Prices For You

The chart below shows the lowest premium (cost) for a Medigap Plan G policy. We report Plan G because that’s what most people select when they are turning age 65.

We show monthly rates for women. In some states men and women pay the same. But that is not true everywhere. We also show rates for a non-smoker. And, we did not include any Policy Fees. Neither did we show discounts. Some insurance companies will offer discounts when both spouses have coverage. Others will offer a discount if you pay annually.

But here’s the most important point. No insurance company was always the least expensive. And no insurance company was always the most expensive. That’s why we stress the importance of comparison shopping.

Talking to a local Medicare agent can be the smartest call you’ll make. We offer a free (and private) directory that lists them. Click the link (Find A Local Medigap Agent) or click on the banner on the right side of this page.

State Zip Code Lowest Premium
Alabama 35223 $119.75
Alaska 99516 $109.95
Arizona 85253 $98.66
Arkansas 72038 $121.50
California 94027 $111.05
Colorado 80025 $101.40
Connecticut 06870 $195.39
Delaware 19707 $112.87
Florida 33109 $230.97
Georgia 30327 $100.95
Hawaii 96821 $122.11
Idaho 83821 $160.75
Illinois 60043 $97.87
Indiana 46290 $89.74
Iowa 50061 $78.65
Kansas 67559 $102.30
Kentucky 40025 $93.21
Louisiana 71401 $92.16
Maine 04110 $195.09
Maryland 20812 $116.85
Massachusetts 02468 $210.32
Michigan 48190 $112.00
Mississippi 39110 $84.31
Missouri 63073 $144.99
Montana 59242 $101.90
Nebraska 68514 $83.02
Nevada 89411 $98.90
New Hampshire 03750 $133.42
New Jersey 07078 $122.45
New Mexico 88126 $85.56
New York 10282 $278.25
North Carolina 27519 $86.24
North Dakota 58339 $96.77
Ohio 45174 $95.45
Oklahoma 73151 $91.77
Oregon 97125 $119.57
Pennsylvania 19437 $112.05
Rhode Island 02815 $108.96
South Carolina 29915 $84.29
South Dakota 57427 $92.59
Tennessee 38139 $90.23
Texas 77010 $100.01
Utah 84018 $95.80
Vermont 05067 $145.36
Virginia 20219 $101.04
Washington 98039 $184.00
West Virginia 26036 $93.37
Wyoming 82711 $98.58

Rates not shown for Minnesota or Wisconsin which have different types of plans.
We selected Zip Codes that had the highest incomes for each of the respective states. There’s no reason we picked this as the criteria. It just seemed fair and equal.


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