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2023 Texas Medicare Insurance Costs Released

2023 Texas Medicare insurance costs can vary significantly. According to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance 2023 Price Index a Dallas man turning 65 can pay from $112to $312 monthly for coverage.

Here is a look at monthly Medicare Supplement Insurance rates for a male/female turning 65. Rates are for Plan G, non-smoker:

Austin, TX, Zip Code 73301

  • 31 available plan G compared
  • Lowest Cost (male): $106.29
  • Highest Cost (male): $296.57
  • Lowest Cost (female): $94.09
  • Highest Cost (female): $264.80

Dallas, Texas, Zip Code 75001

  • 31 available plan G compared
  • Lowest Cost (male): $112.27
  • Highest Cost (male): $312.18
  • Lowest Cost (female): $99.38
  • Highest Cost (female): $278.73

Houston, Texas, Zip Code 77001

  • 31 available plan G compared
  • Lowest Cost (male): $125.53
  • Highest Cost (male): $349.64
  • Lowest Cost (female): $111.12
  • Highest Cost (female): $312.18

Source: 2003 Medicare Supplement Insurance Price Index prepared by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (Dec. 15, 2022). Prices subject to change. Only a licensed Texas insurance agent can quote and provide actual, current insurance costs.

What Seniors Need To Know About Medigap

Here are important things you should know when considering Medigap (also known as Medicare Supplement) insurance.

  • There are different plans identified by letter names.
  • Benefits vary (Plan G is the most comprehensive).
  • Each insurer sets their own monthly premium rates.
  • These rates can vary significantly.
  • Insurers may offer discounts.
  • Some may charge an additional Policy Fee.
  • No insurer is always the cheapest, nor the most expensive.
  • A good broker will represent multiple insurers.
  • Switching plans in the future may be difficult.
  • Ask about an insurer’s history of rate increases.

Association Tips To Find Best Texas Medicare Insurance Costs

Medicare is NATIONAL. But when it comes to Medicare insurance your options are LOCAL.

The Association makes available the leading online directory that lists Texas Medicare insurance agents by Zip Code. It’s free to use. And, also 100% private.


Click the banner to use the Association’s directory of Texas Meduicare agents

The Association believes it is smart to speak with one (or even two) local Medicare agents. First, they will generally know what’s available to you in your area. And which plans others are pleased with.

Not all agents are equal in terms of what they can sell you. Some can only represent and sell you insurance from one company. These are referred to as ‘agents’. Now, the plan they represent may be your best option. But, if there is a better option, chances are they won’t tell you about it.

Insurance brokers are appointed with multiple companies. They can sell you insurance from any of these insurers.  No insurance broker will be appointed with all the companies. But, it’s smart to ask them for the names of companies they are ‘appointed’ with. That means they can sell those companies.

We have a list of some of the bigger Texas Medicare insurance companies below.

Medicare Supplement versus Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplement is one of the options available for you. These plans supplement the gaps in Original Medicare (Parts A and B).

You likely will want to consider Medicare Advantage (Part C). While these plans have the word Medicare in their name, they are actually private insurance plans.

There are define pros and cons to both options. Often Medicare Advantage plans have no cost. They may include added benefits like vision and dental. But, they generally require you use their network of medical professionals. Medigap does not have such a limitation. You can see any medical professional or facility that accepts Medicare.

Deciding which option is better for you can be difficult. Once again, that’s why we strongly recommend speaking with a local Medicare insurance professional. They do not charge to speak or even meet with you.

Why Texas Medicare Insurance Costs Vary

Each insurer sets their own rates. And, they can change rates yearly. So, the insurer offering the lowest rate at age 65, may subject you to a significant rate increase next year. And then the year after that. So on and so on.

Switching Medicare policies may be an option. But not for everyone. Sometimes the decision you make initially can limit your options down the road.

That’s one of the questions far too few ask when buying Medicare coverage. Ask, ‘if I want to switch to different coverage or a different insurer down the road, can I?’. Once again, this is a reason we strongly believe a local Medicare agent (broker) can help you get the best coverage for today as well as tomorrow.

Top Texas Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance Providers

The following are some of the leading insurance companies offering Medigap plan coverage in Texas. Each company sets their own rates as well as applicable discounts.

  • Aetna Health
  • Aflac
  • Allstate Health Solutions
  • Anthem
  • Bankers Fidelity
  • Cigna National Health
  • Guarantee Trust
  • Humana Insurance
  • Sbli USA Life
  • Manhattan Life
  • Medico
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • UnitedHealth Group (AARP)

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