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Medicare News

Best Medigap 2023 Prices


Finding the best Medigap 2023 prices depends on where you live. It can really pay to comparison shop. In New York where the lowest monthly rate for Medigap Plan G is $278,

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Is The Medicare Grocery Benefit A Scam?


Is the Medicare Grocery Benefit for real? Medicare doesn’t provide money for groceries. But some Medicare Advantage (MA) plans do. If a particular MA plan includes this benefit, understand that only individuals

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New To Medicare Law Benefits Seniors Turning 65

Medicare Law Benefits Seniors

A new Medicare law benefits seniors. Not all seniors sign up for Medicare in a timely manner. Some 776,000 seniors are paying a significant a Medicare Late Enrollment Penalty, some of which

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2023 Texas Medicare Insurance Costs Released

2023 Texas Medicare insurance costs can vary significantly. According to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance 2023 Price Index a Dallas man turning 65 can pay from $112to $312 monthly for

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Medicare Advantage Marketing Slammed By Senate Report


Medicare Advantage marketing practices were slammed in a report issued by the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance.  The report cites that the number of complaints about private sector marketing for Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Advantage Added Benefits Worth $2,000


Medicare Advantage Added Benefits: In 2022, the average MA plan enrollee had access to nearly $2,000 in extra benefits such as dental and vision.  Medicare payments for MA extra benefits have increased

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What Medicare Supplement Is The Most Popular Medigap?


The most popular Medigap or Medicare Supplement plan selected by individuals turning 65 is Plan G. Here’s the latest data from the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. Most Popular Medigap Plan

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Home Care Services Increasingly Covered By Medicare Advantage


The number of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans offering home care services increased for 2023.  The in-home support services benefit is now offered by plans in 42 states. Number of States Offering One

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Key 2023 Medicare Advantage Data For Consumers


2023 Medicare Advantage Data: More than 28 million Americans are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, nearly half of those on Medicare. While the average number of plans available in 2023 is 40,

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The Illinois Birthday Rule For Medicare Supplement Insurance

Illinois birthday rule

Illinois seniors between 65 and 75 who have Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) can significantly benefit from the Illinois birthday rule. The new rule allows you to annually change your plan without having

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