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2021 Medicare Insurance Prices Costs - Find Lowest and Highest for Top U.S. Cities

2021 Medicare Insurance Prices

Costs for Medicare Supplement Insurance can vary significantly.  Every year, the Association analyzes and reports the LOWEST and HIGHEST costs.  We look specifically at Medigap Plan G – which is the most popular plan selected by men and women turning age 65.  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE 2021 TOP-10 METRO AREA PRICES.

Prices are for an age 65 Male and an age 65 Female (non-tobacco use).  Rates assume a first-time Medicare eligible applicant.  They do NOT include a spousal or partner discount which can vary based on the insurance company.  The spousal discount can be as much as 14 percent.

2021 rates for cities are added regularly.  Click the link to see the 2020 Medicare insurance price reporting for nearly 100 major markets.

MEDIA:  Reporters or bloggers who want information for a specific area may call the Association at 818-597-3205.

To Find Best Medicare Insurance Prices

Medicare insurance prices 2020

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We strongly recommend working with a local Medicare insurance agent or broker who will compare various plan options for you.  Use the Association’s free directory to see a listing of agents in your area.  No personal information is needed to access.

Click the link to use the free Medicare insurance agent directory.

HELPFUL TIP:  Ask the agent (or broker) “how many insurance companies they are ‘appointed‘ with.  Appointed is insurance industry jargon that means they can actually sell that policy and earn a commission from the insurance company.  Agents often don’t recommend companies if they cannot earn a commission.

2021 Medicare Insurance Prices – Top 10 U.S. Markets

2021-Medicare-Insurance-Price-Index- Plan-GClick here to access a PDF of the report.

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Additional reading for those eligible for Medicare.

The Association does not sell Medicare insurance products.  We support professionals and insurers who do.  Our passion is providing helpful information that makes you a more educated consumer.

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