Medicare Supplement Price Index for Medigap Plan G - 2022 Medigap Price Index

2022 Medicare Supplement Plan N Price Index - Top US Cities

Medicare Supplement Plan N 2022 price vary significantly and the savings for someone turning 65 can be substantial.  Here are the lowest monthly costs according to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance 2022 Price Index.

  • Dallas: Female ($77.19) – Male ($87.23)
  • Chicago: Female ($83.97) – Male ($96.54)
  • Phoenix: Female ($88.96) – Male ($102.29)
  • Atlanta: Female ($90.37) – Male ($101.67)
  • New York: Female ($205.60) – Male ($205.60)

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If you are considering Medicare Supplement Plan N coverage there are some important things you should know.  While all Plan N policies are generally identical, the costs are not.  That’s why the Association conducts an annual analysis of costs.  Plus, some insurers add policy fees.  And, some offer household discount. Because these discounts can be as much as 14 percent, comparing coverage can save you significant money.

Above we report the lowest prices for five metro areas. Here are the highest monthly premiums for the same five metro areas.

  • Dallas: Female ($199.94) – Male ($219.93)
  • Chicago: Female ($170.77) – Male ($252.79)
  • Phoenix: Female ($290.23) – Male ($102.29)
  • Atlanta: Female ($90.37) – Male ($334.00)
  • New York: Female ($282.05) – Male ($282.05)

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Plan N 2022 Price Index Highlights

Plan N is the second most popular choice among men and women turning 65 and opting for Medicare Supplement (Medigap).  In every city there is a wide spread between the lowest available cost and the highest.  Here are a few key findings from the Plan N 2022 Price Index.

  • Consumers had between 6 and 20 different plans available.
  • No insurer was always the least expensive.
  • Neither was any insurer always the most costly.
  • Star ratings varied among the insurers.
  • Some insurers added a policy fee that could be as much as $25.
  • Discounts available ranged from 0 to 14%.

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2022 Medicare Supplement Insurance Price Index Benefits Seniors

Some 4.3 million Americans will turn 65 in 2022 more than any other prior year. Turning 65 is a significant milestone.  For most it is when eligibility for Medicare begins.

Deciding what Medicare plan coverage is best can be a daunting task for many.   Options include maintaining Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B).  A Medicare Advantage (Medicare C) plan is the preferred choice for 26 million individuals.

For over 14 million Medicare Supplement, often referred to as Medigap, is the preferred choice.  Medigap fills in the gaps in Original Medicare coverage.  Policies are identified with letters, such as Plan G and Plan N, the two most popular choices among individuals turning 65.

All Medicare Supplement Plan G policies are “standardized” in terms of coverage and amounts that the individual may be responsible for.  But, not all Plan G policies cost the same.  Insurance companies are free to charge what they want for them.  And indeed they do.  For that reason, the latest data from the 2022 Medicare Supplement Price Index  provides valuable insights for those who’ll be shopping for Medicare plan options this year.

According to the analysis of Plan G rates, a 65-year-old woman in Dallas could pay as little as $99.24 monthly for coverage.  The highest rate being charged for Plan G in the Dallas metro-area is $202.16 monthly, a $1,235 annual difference.

The industry study found that no single insurance company consistently had the lowest premium costs.  Neither was any one company regularly the costliest.  In some markets only 5 or 6 insurers offered Medigap plans.  Typically, an individual could choose from between 10 and 20 plans from major insurance companies as well as some lesser-known names.

In each of the major markets, the highest available Plan G coverage was significantly higher according to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).  The organization makes available an online directory listing independent Medicare insurance agents by Zip Code.  Access is free and private.

Jesse Slome, director of the organization recommends seniors allow enough time to compare available options and make informed decisions.  Securing information from multiple sources can ensure you have the best health care coverage suited for your individual needs.  It can also save you significantly for many years to come.