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Medicare Supplement Plan Costs and Information

Here are the most important things to know about choosing a Medicare Supplement plan (Medigap).  Costs for essentially the same plan can vary significantly.  No Medigap insurance company is always the cheapest.  Neither is one company always the most expensive.  For this reason it really pays to compare.  Here’s what to look for:

  • Decide what “Letter Plan” works best for your needs.
  • Find Costs for your Zip Code.
  • Ask about the company’s History of Rate Increases.
  • Check the Medicare Star Rating.
  • Know If and When you can Change Plans.

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Your best resource for Medicare Supplement plan costs and information can be a local Medicare insurance agent (broker).

The Association hosts the largest national directory.

It’s FREE.  Best of all, it’s 100% PRIVATE.
You just enter your Zip Code. The directory shows the listing.

You read their descriptions, see their photo.

Decide who you want to call or Email.

Click the link to access the directory. Find A Medicare Agent Near Me.

Medigap Plan G Premiums Range Dramatically

Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most popular plan chosen by men and women turning age 65.

Each year the Association publishes the Medicare Supplement insurance Price Index.  Here are the lowest costs for a female age 65 (from the 2022 report):

  • Dallas – $99.24-per-month
  • Washington, D.C. – $104.44
  • Phoenix – $115.52
  • Chicago – $116.30
  • Atlanta – $116.36
  • Houston – $121.18
  • Los Angeles – $135.00
  • New York City – $278.25

See the 2022 Medicare Supplement Price Index report.  Lowest and highest costs for 10 largest metro markets.

Plan N Premiums – Lowest and Highest (2022)

The second most popular choice (2021 data) is Plan N.  Here again costs can vary.  Here are the lowest monthly costs according to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N 2022 Price Index.

  • Dallas: Female ($77.19) – Male ($87.23)
  • Chicago: Female ($83.97) – Male ($96.54)
  • Phoenix: Female ($88.96) – Male ($102.29)
  • Atlanta: Female ($90.37) – Male ($101.67)
  • New York: Female ($205.60) – Male ($205.60)

Best Medicare Drug Plan Costs

Along with Medicare Supplement, you should consider Medicare drug plan coverage.

Read 10 things to know to Find The Best Medicare Drug Plan.

Do it yourself comparing Part D plan options and costs is EASY.

Simply click the “COMPARE NOW” on the banner ad to access an online portal made available by the Association.

Find the best Medicare drug plan.  The online comparison is free.  There is no obligation.  You start by entering your Zip Code.  You can even enter your prescription medications to find the best plan for you. Then (and only if you want) you can sign-up for the new plan online.

Access the Free Medicare Part D Comparison Tool
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