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Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment 2022

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment 2022 Dates

March 31 is the final date to take advantage of the special Open Enrollment opportunity specifically available to those with a Medicare Advantage (Part C) coverage.

29 Million Medicare Advantage Plan Participants Eligible For Free Switching

Advantage-Open-Enrollment-2022The number of Americans enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) keeps growing.  In 2022, experts report some 29 million have this coverage.   Popularity keeps growing for a number of reasons.

If you watch any television, you can’t have missed the ads featuring spokespeople like Joe Namath promoting free added benefits.  And, indeed, many Medicare Advantage plans now offer some benefits for dental care, hearing and vision coverage.  Many today also provide prescription drug benefits as part of the plan coverage.

So if these plans are so popular and many of the benefits are free, why would anyone want to switch?

Medicare plans get to basically change starting January 1st of each year.  They send all plan participants notices and information about changes.  But, not everyone reads the information or pays attention.

That’s why Medicare provides one final chance to switch.

Changes made to your health care providers.  If you have realized that health care provider(s) included with you plan have changed, it may be worthwhile looking into another Medicare Advantage option.

If changes were made to the cost of prescription medications.   Drug plans can also change each January.  Again, companies send you information about changes.  If you  find your prescription drugs have been moved to a more expensive tier, this is your chance to find better coverage.

Those free perks aren’t all you expected.  Free dental, vision and hearing benefits sound great.   However, these added benefits can vary significantly, especially dental coverage.  The amount of free coverage can be minimal or quite extensive making comparison shopping all the more worthwhile.  If you anticipate serious and costly dental care, such as implants or periodontal, it can really pay to compare actual plan benefits.

Who Has The Opportunity To Switch During Open Enrollment

The opportunity to switch during the current Medicare Open Enrollment 2022 only applies to Medicare Advantage enrollees.  Those with stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan coverage (Part D) or Medigap plans are not eligible to make changes.

From now through March 31, you can switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan with or without drug coverage.  Or, you can go back to Original Medicare and, if needed, sign up for a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Find A Local Medicare Advantage Agent

The Association maintains an online directory.  Use it to find independent agents and brokers who offer Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) and Medicare prescription drug plans.

Click the link to find local Medicare Advantage Agents Near Me

Access is free and completely private.  You only enter your Zip Code to see agents listed near you.  Look for those who mention offering Medicare Advantage options in their description.

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