2022 Medicare Drug Plan Prices - 2022 Part D Prescription Drug Plan Prices - New York, Florida, Texas, California, Illinois

2022 Medicare Drug Plan Prices

October 2021: Association releases study reporting lowest and highest 2022 Medicare Drug Plan prices for 10 top metro markets.  Scroll down to see the findings.

Choosing a Medicare prescription drug plan can be complicated.  Or, it can be relatively easy.  The reason to compare 2022 Part D plan options is simple.  You want to get the best coverage for the lowest cost.

Plans can vary.  So can how much you will pay.  The annual study of Medicare drug plan prices for 10 major metro markets found the following.  In New York City (Manhattan) the lowest cost plan available costs $7.20 per month ($86.40 per year).  The highest cost plan is $101 per month ($1,212-per-year).

Easy Way To Compare 2022 Part D Plan Prices

2022 Medicare Drug Plan Prices

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The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance does not sell, nor do we recommend any specific insurance plan.  To help consumers compare, we have secured access to an easy-to-use drug plan comparison tool.

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2022 Medicare Drug Plans – 10 U.S. Markets

2022 Prescription Drug Plan Pricing

Read More About Finding The Best Drug Plan

There are literally (almost) 1,000 different drug plans available across the United States.  Confusing … could be.  However, in most cities and towns, people have between 10 and 30 different plans to compare and choose from.  Our study reports how many plans were compared.

You can learn more about finding the best Medicare drug plan along with tips on our website.  But, comparing is pretty simple.  Here are three things to keep in mind:

DATES:  Open enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7.  You must make your choice before it ends.

ONLINE SYSTEMS ALLOW YOU TO ENTER THE MEDICINES YOU TAKE:  At least the one the Association makes available does.  Gather your prescription bottles and enter them.

COMPARE ALL COSTS including the monthly premium and any deductibles, etc.

How To Enter Your Prescription Drugs Using The Online Comparison Tool

After you enter your Zip Code, a page will appear showing available 2022 Medicare Drug Plans.

Compare 2022 Medicare Part D PlansLook at the TOP LEFT for the words Filter plans by – Add Your Rx Drugs.

Click that line.

It will open a new screen where you can simply enter each of the drugs you take.

Then, let the system compare your 2022 Part D plan options.