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Medicare insurance brokers near me are easy to find.  Access the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance’s online directory listing agents and brokers by Zip Code.  Access is free and no personal information is required.  Find brokers who can help you compare,

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  • Prescription drug plans (Part D)
  • Senior dental
  • Best times when you can change coverage

Medicare is a national program. But your Medicare plan options can be very local.  And there are many options.

There could be 20 or more available Medicare Supplement plans to compare.  Add to that the 20-to-50 different Medicare Advantage plans.  The challenge to compare can be daunting.

All plans are sold by an agent.  That’s what the small print on the multitude of television ads shares.  Calling a toll-free number will generally connect you with an agent.  They may only be prepared to discuss plans from one company.  Or, they may be able to compare a few.


Why Medicare Insurance Brokers Near Me Benefit You

Medicare insurance brokers near me

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A local broker should have better knowledge of how plans in your area really work.  What do other people have to say about the plan?  Are people pleased with the doctors?  Do they see people dropping out of the plan and switching to another?

The Association offers the ONLY NATIONAL ONLINE DIRECTORY that lists independent insurance agents and brokers.

Find brokers who can help you compare Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans.

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Questions To Ask Any Agent You Work With

The Association does not sell Medicare insurance.  We are here to provide information and to help agents and brokers who market Medicare plans.

Few consumers ever interview the agent or broker they are speaking with.  Most tell us they wouldn’t know what to ask.  So, here are a few suggestions of questions to help you interview those Medicare insurance brokers near me.

  1.  How long have you been selling Medicare insurance?  Does experience matter?  Yes, as it does in most things and while new agents must be licensed, someone with a few years under their belt will generally be more knowledgeable.
  2. Do you offer both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage?  Some agents will only do Medicare Supplement (Medigap).  There can be a whole host of reasons why.  There may be few MA plans available.  Or, they favor one over the other.  Good information to have.  If you are using the Association’s directory, the agent will usually include what they offer in their description.
  3. Can you help with Prescription Drug Plans?  These are important and can save you quite a bit of money.  Some agents will help their customers.  There’s very little compensation for them so recognize that.  The Association also offers access to an excellent online prescription drug comparison tool.
  4. What Medicare plans are people locally dropping out of (switching from)?  This could be one of the most important questions to ask.  It will likely catch the agent or broker off-guard (because who expects that type of question).  But the answer will tell you how well they keep in touch with their clients.  And it can reveal how plans in your area are really treating local customers like you.

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