Find Best Medicare Part D New York

What is the Best Medicare Drug Plan in New York

There are more Medicare Part D (drug plans) available in New York.  The average cost in 2022 is about $32.  But monthly premiums can vary from $7.20 to $101.   Part D deductibles can also range from $0 to $480.  Using a good online comparison tool makes it very simple to compare New York Part D plans including:

  • AARP
  • Aetna / CVS SilverScript
  • Blue Rx Standard and Plus
  • Cigna Essential and Extra RX
  • Elixir Rx Standard and Plus
  • Humana Walmart
  • Wellcare Medicare Rx

Find The Best Medicare Part D New York Plan For You

Medicare Part D New York

Click here to access the online drug pricing tool.

It is now really simple to find the best plan coverage available for New Yorkers.

The Association makes available a free (and private) online drug plan comparison tool.

Simply enter your Zip Code.  No other personal information!

Instantly a listing of available plans will appear.

For the best results, add the name of the drugs you take (name and dosage).

You can enroll in a particular plan.  ONLY THEN will you need to enter your personal information.

Click the link to access the Medicare Plan D Comparison tool.

Tips To Get The Best Part D Plan

Don’t choose a Medicare Part D plan solely based on the monthly premium cost and the deductible amount.  It is critical that you verify that the medications you take are covered.  In the old days this took a lot of research.

Today it really is simple.  If you work with a local Medicare insurance agent, ask them if they are willing to help you.

Medicare Part D Plan ComparisonIf you are using the online tool, look for the button Add Your Drugs at the top left corner.

Be prepared to type in the name of your medication.  You will be able to select the dosage.

Plans will then be listed based on which can be best for you.

Can I Switch Medicare Part D Plans

Yes.  The most important dates to remember are Medicare Open Enrollment.  That begins yearly on October 15 and ends December 7.

Read other Important Medicare Dates.

Do I Need A Drug Plan With Medicare Advantage?

Most New York Medicare Advantage plans include prescription coverage.

If you have Original Medicare (just Parts A and B) or Medicare Supplement (Medigap) coverage you should definitely consider a Part D drug plan.

What Are Examples of Medicare Part D Premium Costs

The Association does not like to publish rates online.  Because while the rates shown are current in 2022, you may be looking at this page in 2023 or later.  That’s why we recommend using the online comparison tool to get the latest rates.

But, here are some examples to show the range of monthly premiums.  As you can see, companies may offer more than one drug plan.  The plan that’s best for you, may not be best for someone else.  Compare!

AARP Medicare Rx Walgreens ($34.20)

AARP Medicare Rx Saver Plus ($77.90)

AARP Medicare Rx Preferred ($101.00)

CVS SilverScript Smart RX. ($7.20)

CVS SilverScript Choice ($39.30)

CVS SilverScript Plus ($77.20)

Find New York Medicare Insurance Agents

Comparing Medicare drug plans is something you can do yourself.  The same is not true for your Medicare options.  While Medicare is a national program, the plan options are very local.

The millions of dollars spent on television ads are designed to get you to call a toll-free number.  You will be connected with a Call Center.  Their agents can be extremely knowledgeable.  But they likely will not be located in your area.

That’s why we believe it is worth finding a local Medicare insurance agent.  He or she should know which plans other seniors in your area like. And, they’ll know which people don’t like.

Click on the link and access the Association’s directory of New York Medicare Agents.  Once again, it is 100% free to use. And, more important, it’s 100% private. Enter NO personal data or information to see the listing.

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