Who is the best person to talk to about Medicare? Find a local Medicare insurance agent or broker.

talk to about MedicareThe best person to talk to about Medicare is an agent or broker who works for you and not for for the benefit of a particular insurance company or Medicare call center. This can be the most important health care decision you make. Find such a person by doing the following;

  1. Search Google for a “Medicare broker near me’.
  2. Access online directories listing local Medicare agents.
  3. Ask your employer’s HR department for recommendations.
  4. Talk to neighbors who are 65 or older.
  5. Respond to mailers sent to seniors turning 65.
  6. Look up local agencies selling health insurance.
  7. Contact the Medicare insurance companies.

Who is the best person to talk to about Medicare?

When you approach Medicare eligibility expect to become very popular. Every insurance company wants you to pick them. Your mailbox will be full of solicitations. You will start to take notice of the onslaught of television ads featuring celebrity spokespeople.

Deciding which Medicare plan is best for you is a most important health care decision. A mistake can impact your access to health care. It can cost you money.

We believe the most important decision is who to talk to about Medicare. Are they helping you choose the best option? Do they work for your benefit? Or, are they working just for one particular company?

Medicare makes it possible to switch plans. But not always. Some Medicare plan decisions can be irreversible. At the very least, they can result in you being frustrated or paying more that you need to.

Directory Lists Local Medicare Insurance Brokers


Click HERE to access the free directory of local Medicare brokers

The Association makes available a directory of independent Medicare insurance brokers. They are listed by Zip Code.

Just click the link below. Enter your Zip Code and the listing appears.

Enter NO personal information. Avoid getting calls you don’t want.

You pick who you want to talk with (if anyone). Call them. E-mail them privately.

Click the link to access the directory of Medicare insurance agents.

The Best Person Makes Medicare Easy for You

Medicare is enormously complicated. There are so many choices. They are each very different.

Is Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) your best choice? After all, the TV ads seem to say it’s all free. It isn’t.

Or, should you stick with Original Medicare (Parts A and B). Millions of Americans only have Original Medicare.

Do you need a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policy? Which letter is best? Plan A? Plan G (which is the most popular for those turning age 65). What about High Deductible Plan G?

Are you already confused? Now consider that you may have a dozen different Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. And, 20 different Medigap insurers competing for your business.

This is why we believe finding someone who will take the time to educate you is so vital. Find someone who puts your interest first.

Here’s what the Association believes consumers need to know;

Medicare Agent versus Medicare Broker

Agent, broker, mumbo jumbo. But there is a significant difference you need to understand.

An insurance agent generally works specifically for one insurance company. Their compensation comes as a result of selling that company’s products. The Medicare policy they sell may indeed be your best option. But, if it isn’t, do NOT expect them to tell you that.

A broker can sell multiple insurance companies. Sometimes they can sell policies that agents can sell. But, not always. They typically will focus on a few companies (not all).

Is a broker better than an agent? Not necessarily. It’s up to you to compare. We strongly recommend speaking with at least two people who offer Medicare plans.

How Can I Tell Who Is An Agent and Who Is A Broker?

Here are the two simple questions to ask.

  1. How many Medicare insurance companies are you ‘appointed’ with? Appointed is industry jargon meaning they can sell and receive commissions from that company.
  2. Please tell me the names of a few of the Medicare insurance companies you are appointed with. This will quickly give you a flavor of which companies they will be comparing for you.

What Should I Ask When Calling A Toll-Free Number

Call this number to talk about Medicare benefits! The television ads featuring celebrity spokespeople seem to be airing non-stop.

Typically two entities are looking for you to call. Insurance companies and Medicare lead generators.

If it is an insurance company, you’ll be directed to an agent for that company. He or she will do what you’d expect; tell you all about the company’s policy options. They may be your best choice. But (as we keep saying) it really is important to compare.

The second is a lead generator. They are seeking to gather your personal information. This will be sold to agents and brokers who’ll be calling you. Others will direct your call to their own call center. These centers are staffed by agents and brokers.

Medicare Choices Are Local; So Find A Local Medicare Broker

Medicare is a national program (TRUE). But Medicare plan options are very local.

The best person to talk to about Medicare is a local agent or broker who knows exactly what’s available where you live.

Buy your car insurance over the Internet. Life insurance too. But NOT Medicare. Medicare plans vary by County. A plan available where you live may NOT be available in the next County.


The American Association’s directory lists local Medicare brokers. Their listing will tell you if they offer both Medicare Advantage as well as Medicare Supplement.

Enter NO personal information. Just your Zip Code.

You will see the listing of all brokers within 100 miles.

Pick the one (or ones) that you like. Call them. E-mail them. It’s 100% free and 100% private.

Click the link to access the Medicare Agent Directory.

Additional Medicare Insurance Information for Seniors

Here are a few links to webpages with information we believe will help you make better Medicare decisions.

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