Who Is MedicareAgentsHub? The website appears to have been launched in early 2023. Agents listed on the Association’s directory of local agents have been asking us questions. With that in mind, we provide the following information.

  • Why does the Association offer an online directory?
  • Who is Medicareagentshub?
  • Should I accept the free listing?
  • Is it worth paying for a listing?
  • What questions should I ask?
  • Is there a way to ‘test’ potential results?
  • Can you share data about the Association’s agent directory?

Who Is MedicareAgentsHubINTRODUCTORY MESSAGE from Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).

AAMSI launched an online directory where consumers could find local Medicare agents BECAUSE as our website gained online visibility more consumers contacted us.

Yes, it now generates income. I don’t mind having someone build a better mousetrap. And I’m glad to see (as of today, March 20) that they’ve removed some of the misleading info pulled directly from the Association’s website.

But, to answer questions I’m frequently being asked, here are some answers.

Who Is MedicareAgentsHub.com?

We don’t know! There is no entity specifically identified on their website. No phone number or company address. Agents who have connected with us say all communication is via email.

That isn’t necessarily bad. But someone has invested quite a bit of money into building a website. I’d be interested in who is behind this. If someone reading this happens to find out, I’d be most grateful.

Should I Accept The Free Listing?

Absolutely! My mom didn’t raise a fool and free is good. First, being listed could generate a lead. But, if nothing else, if you have a website, Google will spot the link. That can only help with your own Search Engine Optimization.

Is It Worth Paying For A Listing?

That is the real question. When we set the price for the Association’s directory, we set $289 as the cost for a 2-year listing.

I decided that if the listing generated 1 sale over 2 years, it paid for itself. Of course, some agents tell me they get many more sales than just one. But, we know that other agents don’t get even one.

MedicareAgentsHub is charging a lot more. So far, they make a lot of claims about being found and being the #1 result. But PERFORMANCE is the ONLY REAL TEST. So far, they do not post any testimonials from listed agents.

The Association does. Click the link to Read Medicare Agent Testimonials.

What Questions Should I Ask?

The first question I’d want to know is “who is behind the directory?” Is it a large FMO (field marketing organization)? That’s my guess (Jesse Slome).

Second, I’d want to see validation of their claim that “Medicare Agents Hub is the number one destination for anyone looking to find a Medicare Agent.”  This is taken directly off their website (March 20, 2023).

Third, I’d request testimonials from other listed agents. And, I’d actually want to hear directly from real agents. Not “John in Arizona says they are the best!”.

Is There A Way To Test Potential Results?

Yes. Simply pull up Google. Enter the following words “Medicare Agents Near Me” and look at the results.

If they appear at the top … that’s important.

But, if you see Medicaresupp.org at the top – that’s the Association’s directory. Not them.

Data Comparing The Two Websites

It’s easy to claim “WE ARE THE BEST” and “WE ARE #1”. But, fortunately there are independent websites that analyze websites. How they rank. How many people actually access the website.

RANKING OF KEYWORDS: Keywords are what consumers type into Google when doing searches. The charts below are directly from the website www.seoptimer.com. They analyze websites for key data results.

Chart 1 shows keywords for the Association’s website. We hold the #1 position for key words that matter for agents looking to be found. Now look at the second chart.Is Medicareagentshub worth it










Chart 2 shows keyword results for Medicareagentshub.com (March 20, 2023). It speaks for itself. At least for now. We’ve built our website traffic over many years.

Who ranks for find Medicare agents

WEBSITE TRAFFIC: This is how many people visit a website over a specific period of time. The

Website traffic Medicaresupp.orgThe Association’s website gets nearly 27,000 visitors a month (report pulled March 20, 2023).

Again, this data comes directly from the website SEOptimer.com. They don’t have any number for MedicareAgentsHub.

There are other ways to show the data. We shared the Association’s Google Analytics data.

Click the link to see more of our commentary on should I add a listing on Medicareagentshub.

Again, we will never tell people how to spend their money. But we want to share information designed to make you a better buyer.

Who Is MedicareAgentsHub

Who Is MedicareAgentsHub 2Well, I look forward to finding out who’s behind this effort. They clearly believed that what I created for Medicare agents was beneficial.

They certainly have already spent quite a bit of money building and populating a website.

A lot more effort will need to be spent if they really hope to generate the level of website traffic that will justify having agents pay for listings.

Why are they hiding behind a curtain of anonymity?

Sooner or later we’ll find out who you really are. Until then, we’ll continue doing what we are doing to support agents listed on the #1 FIND A LOCAL MEDICARE AGENT DIRECTORY. (That’s found on MedicareSupp.org by the way).