MedicareAgentsHub does their traffic really get leads for agents - real online data

Things To Know Before Paying For A Listing

Medicareagentshub who are you? This webpage was posted February 21, 2023 by Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. If you have information you’d like to share – please feel free to reach out to me.
IF you own this website and wish to make corrections to the erroneous and misleading information cited below, let me know and I will update.

WHY HAVE WE ADDED THIS WEBPAGE? Starting this month, I’ve been receiving inquiries from Medicare agents who are listed on the Association’s Find A Medicare Insurance Agent online directory. Some were confused, thinking we had changed websites or were setting up something new. They shared the website address for MedicareAgentsHub so I began checking and here’s what I’ve found. If you’re being contacted, here’s what I think you need to know.

I WELCOME COMPETITION AND SERVICES THAT BENEFIT AGENTS. Yes, even if it impacts us. But information on their website is misleading (with claims and words literally pulled off our website). So, please keep reading if you want to know the truth.

FIRST OF ALL – FREE IS GOOD (okay GREAT!). I’m told they are adding listings for free (at least as a come-on). You can’t beat free. Of course, free is meaningless if no one actually finds their directory … but keep reading. Their website claims their plans range from $29 to $79-per-month. Wow (maybe we should raise our rates!).

FALSE CLAIMS BY MEDICARE AGENTS HUB.  The image below is taken directly off their website.  Their claim of 100,000 visitors (as reported by Google Analytics) is directly taken from the Association’s website. We actually are even higher today (full year 2022). Even the 87% statistic was directly plagiarized off our website. False claims should concern you!

According to what I’ve found (as of 2/21/23) their website has no online presence with Google. The Association’s directory ranks first (or at least among the top organic results). Keep reading because I’ll share more current and relevant information that should (as I said) concern you.

Website Info & Data for MedicareAgentsHub and


This was directly taken from their website (screenshot). Below I’ll tell you exactly what to ask them for proof.













The following is  screenshot from a report run today (2/21/23) by We compared the 2 websites ( – the Association’s website and Medicareagentshub).

As you can see, the Association’s website got 15,626 visitors between Nov 2022 and January 2023. Their number N/A.
















You likely have heard the term Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). That’s how Google ranks websites. One of the top services that tracks this is and you can do a comparison yourself.

The Association’s website (as of 2/21/23) has a DOMAIN RATING OF 55. That’s pretty good and has taken me years to achieve. We have over 24,000 different websites that link to us. That’s good too. I continually work hard to keep that number growing. Because that’s what Google uses to determine how they rank websites. Sites that rate well are ranked higher up. As you will see below.

Medicare Association website domain rating









Medicareagentshub has a Domain Rating of 1.5 (NOT 15, but 1 point 5). And one website linking back to them. Good luck being ranked by Google.

Medicareagentshub false claims 3









So Who Is MedicareAgentsHub?

Well, I’m trying to find out. There’s no phone number or address on the website. The email and any replies comes from “Joe” and I’m hoping someone will ultimately let me know.

Feel free to send them a link to this webpage. Maybe that will get them to come out from behind the shadows.

Yes, I am curious. They’ve spent a whole lot of money to put up a website. They could have worked an arrangement with the Association. If anyone knows who they are, I’d really welcome knowing. Call me at 818-597-3227.

Who Really Ranks For “Find A Local Medicare Agent”?

The Association’s website does rank!

NOT MedicareAgentsHub. Want proof – do a Google search yourself right now. I just did and here are the results.

The top links are paid Ads. The 4 companies pay anywhere from $40 to $70 for each person who clicks.

Below the paid Ads are ‘organic’ listings. The Association’s website ( ranks #1 here. Sometimes we’ll rank a little lower. See if you can find their website anywhere … keep scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling). Give up? I did.

Medicareagentshub does not rank
















Real Google Analytics Data from

Google provides free tools that provides tons of data about your website. Here is the 2022 Google Analytics report for the Association’s website

100,937 visitors (Jan 1 – Dec 31). A 14.64% increase. 2022 was the highest year for our website traffic. We are up for 2023 too!














Questions To Ask MedicareAgentsHub?

Here’s what I’d want to know.

  1. Who are you? If they are an FMO (General Agency) expect them to be soliciting you for all sorts of stuff.
  2. Send me a Google Analytics report for the website (1/1 – 12/31/2022). I doubt you’ll ever get one but if you do, please share that with Jesse . Thanks.
  3. Since you claim to be #1 – can you send me some agent testimonials?

A Final Word from Jesse Slome

I’m the first to tell Medeicare agents that I can’t promise a listing on our website will generate leads. Some agents get nothing. Others get a few each year.

We set up the directory to help consumers. If you get a sale or two, the $144/year (2 year listing at $289) paid for itself. You have a new client too.

That said, I regularly post testimonials from listed agents. You can click this link to read Medicare agent testimonials. You’ll see their words and actually be able to see their directory listing (NO BS testimonials posted!).

Thanks for taking the time to read. If you are NOT already on the Association’s directory and want to add your Medicare agent directory listing, click the highlighted link.

Many thanks for your interest.

Jesse Slome
American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance