Tom Bouview Medicare Supplement Insurance Agent

I enrolled with a 3 year plan this March and thought it may produce a lead or two during the next few years.   To my surprise within a month I got a call from a retired Doctor and his wife who would be moving to my area in Florida.   He said their insurance broker from Syracuse, NY gave them my name and phone number and highly recommended me.  This agent had found me on the website.    This resulted in 2 Medicare Advantage plans.  Not long after that an Agent from Phoenix, AZ found me on the site, called and interviewed me to make sure I knew what I was doing and to gauge my experience.  He has since sent me 4 referrals of people either moving to Florida or who already live in Florida.  This has resulted in 2 new Medicare Supplement plans, 2 PDP plans and 2 more Medicare Advantage plans.   Of all the advertising I have done and paid a premium for, the system has BY FAR been the best.  Not only has it paid for itself many times over but it has given me the exposure and credibility online that I was looking for.  Along with the internet presence there are a lot of ideas, tools and workshops available thru the Agent Portal that have been helpful to me.  Jesse Slome is the real deal as a marketing teacher for Insurance Agents.