Using Free Publicity Tutorial Posted For Medicare Insurance Agents

Publicity for Medicare insurance agengts

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A new video tutorial will help Medicare insurance agents generate publicity in their local newspapers. The video was posted by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

“Local newspapers seek relevant and current information that benefits their community,” shares Jesse Slome, the Association’s director and an award-winning public relations executive. “We wanted to show insurance agents the very easy steps that would enable them to generate articles in local daily and weekly newspapers.”

According to Slome, there are currently over 1,300 daily newspapers in the U.S. “There are some 7,700 weekly or community newspapers all seeking information that’s relevant to their local readership. Publicity is the art of getting this information published for free in these media.”

The 25-minute video shares the steps for implementing a successful local publicity effort. “Insurance agents have three options for generating Medicare leads,” Slome notes. “Buy them, get them in exchange for significantly reduced commissions or do a little work to promote your presence. Publicity can be one of the most overlooked and yet the most effective ways to do that.”

Slome is an award-wining public relations professional whose marketing career included working for several leading New York-based public relations firms. “I have always loved the power of great public relations to achieve meaningful results for people and businesses,” Slome says. “I wanted to help Medicare insurance agents learn the steps so that they could publicize their efforts locally.”

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