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Generate More Medicare Insurance Leads - See Your Name In Local Newspapers

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Medicare publicity tool kit 2020

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Created by an award-winning public relations pro, the 2020 Medicare Publicity Tool Kit provides what you need to get your name published in local newspapers and other print publications.

Watch the video below for tips on generating free  local publicity that will get you Medicare insurance leads.

IMPLIED LOCAL NEWSPAPER RECOMMENDED EXPERT:  When your name appears in a newspaper article, the reader sees you as the Medicare insurance agent selected by the newspaper as “the best expert to consult.”  You want to be seen.

PUBLICITY IS FREE:  Running an advertisement in a local newspaper costs money.  BUT being quoted as part of a news story is called publicity – AND IT’S FREE.

THE PUBLICITY TOOL KIT MAKES IT SIMPLE:  We provide fill-in-the-blanks material.  You simply add your personal information and forward it to your local news media.  The video below tells you what to do and when.

1,300 DAILY NEWSPAPERS + 7,000 LOCAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS SEEK YOUR EXPERTISE:  Newspapers want helpful information that is professionally prepared.  That’s what we give you when you request the kit.

Medicare Publicity Tool Kit:   Available Free (or Order for $199 by Calling 818-597-3205)


OPTION 1.  Kits are available FREE to all agents currently listed on the Association’s Find A Local Agent directory.  IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY LISTED, simply send an E-mail requesting the 2020 kit.  Indicate the Zip Code for which you are listed.  E-Mail Your Request Now.  (Or:   jslome  at  medicaresupp  dot  org)

NOT CURRENTLY LISTED?  Add your listing now.  Click this link to add your listing.

The Publicity Tool Kit is an added benefit we provide to agents listed.  The main benefit is being found by agents seeking a local Medicare Agent.  Read Testimonials from other agents who are listed.  Click this link to read Real Agent Testimonials.

OPTION 2.  ORDER THE KIT  FOR AGENTS NOT LISTED  Call the Association at 818-597-3205.  The cost is $199 which can be charged on any major credit card.

MUST-WATCH VIDEO:  Publicity Pro Shares How Any Medicare Agent Can Generate Free Publicity

This 25 minute video explains how every Medicare insurance agent can use the Medicare Publicity Tool Kit to get their name published in local daily and local weekly newspapers.  Watch the video.  Then request your Medicare Publicity Kit.

Medicare agent lead video

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Medicare insurance expert Jesse SlomeA Message from Jesse Slome, Association Director

It’s getting harder and harder for independent Medicare agents to generate leads.  The big marketing organizations are running television ads constantly.  Those cost tens of millions of dollars.  They are spending between $100 and $200 for each lead generated.  And, NOT every lead converts to a sale.  But they have deep pockets – you probably don’t.

How will you compete?  What can you do to generate more Medicare insurance leads?

First, I am pleased that so many Medicare agents have chosen to list themselves on the Association’s Find A Local Medicare Agent Directory.  The directory is used every day by consumers to connect with local Medicare agents.

If you have a listing – how does it compare to others in your area.  Click this link and enter your Zip Code.   How does your listing compare to others that appear.  You can log-in and edit your listing at any time.

For agents who are not listed: We can never promise being listed will generate a lead.  But we know from listed agents that it works.  And, we prices a 3-year listing ($275) so that even one lead/sale generated over 3 years pays for the listing itself.

I also believe that generating free Medicare publicity is going to be crucial and will separate you from the mass marketers.  Yes, it will take a little effort.  I explain that in the video.  But, one of the benefits of publicity is that it builds on itself.  Once you get your name into the press, you are seen as an expert.  You are seen not just by prospects but by sources of referrals.  Even the media will turn to you again for regular updates (ever wonder why the same guests appear regularly on news shows).

So, I hope that you will watch the video.  I hope you not only request the tool kit but actually use it.

And, if you are fortunate enough to have success, I hope you will share it with me.

Many thanks.


We will post images of articles here to show you that the concept works.  It can (and will) work for you.