Medicare Supplement Sales Insurance Companies Plans Data and Statistics

Latest Medicare Supplement Industry Data Statistics Posted

Medicare Supplement statistics data sales insurance companiesThe latest statistics and data for Medicare Supplement insurance industry sales and insurance company providers was posted today by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

“Over 14 million Americans now have a Medicare Supplement insurance policy and the number keeps growing each year,” reports Jesse Slome, director of the Association.  The Association posted a 10-year history of Medigap policy sales growth as part of the report.

The organization also shared the latest data regarding the various Medigap plans selected by purchasers in 2018. “We compared their choices looking back at the prior two years as it is helpful information for consumers selecting a Medicare Supplement insurance plan when turning age 65.”

In addition, the top-20 states where consumers have selected Medigap coverage as well as the top-20 insurance companies were added to the information posted on the Association’s website.

“Our organization is focused on educating consumers making Medicare insurance choices,” Slome adds. The Association just concluded it’s annual industry conference where over 1,000 individuals from across the industry came together to share information and network.

The latest Medicare Supplement insurance data and statistics can be accessed at  On the webpage, one can access and download the image shown here.