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Medicare Supplement Insurance Statistics Data – 2019

Medigap Statistics compiled by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Reprinted from the 2019 Medicare Supplement Insurance industry conference program, published June 2019.

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Medicare Supplement Sales

Sales of Medigap policies continue to increase year over year.

In 2018, some 14.1 million Americans owned a Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) policy.

That number represents an increase compared to the 9.7 million who owned a Medigap policy in 2010.


Who Buys Medicare Supplement Insurance

Who Buys Medicare Supplement Insurance 2016

Who Buys Medigap

Most Americans who buy Medicare Supplement insurance are married and over half (58%) are women according to the most recent data.




What Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Do People Select


Medicare Supplement insurance plan choice

Comparison to 2016
Plan F  –  60%
N  –  11%
D & G  –  13%
H, I, J — 5%
C  –  6%
A & B  –  3%
High Deductible Plan F  –  1%
K, L & M  –  1%

Top 20 States – Medicare Supplement Insurance

top states Medicare Supplement insurance






Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Ranking Medicare Supplement insurers


There are many Medicare Supplement Insurance companies offering coverage.  Some do so on a national basis.  Others are more regional in their offerings.  For that reason, we strongly recommend consumers work with a knowledgeable Medicare Supplement agent who can help provide the most current information on available policies and share rates.   Rates can vary significantly from one insurance company to another.  But agents can’t negotiate or get you a better rate (it’s not like buying a car).  For that reason, work with someone with knowledge and experience.  That’s how to get the best options.

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