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Medicare Insurance Data Center Added

Medicare insurance data center

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New Medicare Insurance Data Center

A comprehensive Medicare insurance data center has been added to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance website.

The webpage will contain the most current and relevant data regarding all aspects of Medicare insurance plans.

This will include:
1. Medicare Advantage statistics.
2. Medigap (Medicare Supplement data and information.
3. Part D drug plan data and statistics.

“Medicare insurance is such a broad subject that having important information in one place will make it easier for consumers, insurance agents and the media who cover the topic,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the organization. “We increasingly get calls from people looking for information. It may be agents attempting to answer client questions. Or, it may be consumers who are confused and looking for an independent outlet to answer their questions and provide information.”

Slome notes that the goal is to provide relevant perspective on the topic. “Consumers don’t have a clue as to how many different plan options they have available,” Slome admits. “The countless television ads never really address that picking the right Medicare plan solution takes more than a call to a toll-free hotline. Even the government’s Medicare website really doesn’t address the complexity of choices. Only if you spend enough time will you grasp how complex the decision is.”

To help consumers, Slome explains including a special section dealing with ‘stuff people don’t know’. “It’s based on the many surprised reactions I’ve gotten over the years,” shares Slome. “A senior in Houston was shocked when I shared they actually had more than 60 different Medicare Advantage plans available to choose from. Or that comparing your Medicare drug plan every year has the potential to save the average senior between $550 and $750.”

Access the Medicare insurance data center via the organization’s website. The shortcut is

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