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Medicare Advisors: How To Find One Near Me

Medicare Advisors Near MeMedicare Advisors Near Me. Find the best ones. Read what to ask them. Understand the difference between an agent and a broker. Use the free online directory to find independent Medicare insurance pros in your local area.

Medicare is a national program. But, your options are generally local. Plans available in your Zip Code may not be available even a few miles away. Costs for coverage from identical providers can vary from County to County.

Because of this and many other reasons, you can benefit from speaking with at least one local Medicare insurance agent.

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance hosts the leading online directory that lists Medicare insurance advisors (agents and brokers) by Zip Code. It is free to use and 100% private. The only info you enter is your Zip Code.

What Are Medicare Advisors?

Medicare advisors are individuals who work with Medicare beneficiaries to evaluate. They should be someone who will help you select the right plan that meets your needs and personal healthcare preferences. And, of course, a plan that meets your budget.

In truth, these are insurance agents or insurance brokers. There can be important differences that we’ll discuss shortly.

There are several key reasons that you really want to find a good person to work with.

Medicare is confusing. It is. And, depending on where you live, you can have dozens of different plan choices to select from. There can be Medicare Advantage plans. And Medicare Supplement (also called Medigap) plans. Maybe 20 or 30 of each. That alone can make you crazy.

Medicare can be costly. You’ve undoubtedly seen the television ads that talk about ‘zero premium’. Well, zero premium does not mean zero cost. These plans can end up costing you money. And, that can vary based on which plan you choose. And, if you want a Medigap plan, one company can charge double for exactly the same plan coverage.

Medicare plan options are local. Typically based on what County you live in. The person at the other end of the toll-free number may sell plans for your area. But, a local person, may have a better lay of the land.

How Do Medicare Advisors Get Paid?

Great question. People may call themselves advisors. But really, they almost always are insurance agents or brokers.

They are typically paid directly a commission when you enroll in a specific plan. They may be paid directly from the insurance company. Or, they may get paid from the company they work for. But you do not pay them. And, how much they get paid is generally pre-determined. In other words, they cannot offer you a better deal by reducing or changing their commission. That’s illegal.

The amount agents get paid varies. But, if you are interested, we posted 2023 Medicare Advantage commissions on our Information Center.

An agent or broker should never favor one company or another because of how much they get paid. That said, it does happen. Which is why we give you some questions to ask your Medicare Advisor.

Best Way To Find Medicare Advisors Near Me

Medicare agents near me 2023

Enter your Zip Code in the box on the right (or click here)

The Association’s free online directory lists Medicare insurance agents and brokers by Zip Code. All you need to do is enter your Zip Code.

Immediately the listing appears. Read their description. Do they sell Medicare Advantage and Medigap? Call them or send a private email asking them to connect with you.

Be sure to read our questions to ask before speaking to any Medicare insurance agent.

What Is A Medicare Agent?

Medicare agents‌ are representatives of specific insurance providers. They offer beneficiaries plans from the insurance companies they represent.

Typically that means only one company. That could be the best option for you. Or, it might not be the best. Which is why we recommend comparison shopping with a Medicare Advisor near me.

What Is A Medicare Broker?

Brokers are typically independent professionals with no ties to any single insurance company. They identify and evaluate plans provided by various insurance companies. This should give them more independence to help you select the right plan.

Some brokers specialize in Medicare plans exclusively. Most of  these will also sell other insurances popular with seniors. You’ll find brokers who offer all types of insurance — general health, life, etc. They typically do not sell car or home insurance. That’s a very different type of product.

This is the important fact. A broker typically is appointed with multiple insurance companies. But, typically not all of them. That’s why we have you ask the question ‘what companies are you appointed with?’

Questions To Ask Every Medicare Agent You Speak With

Choosing the right Medicare plan starts with speaking to the right person. It’s an important decision. And making a mistake can be costly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the person you are speaking to.

If you needed surgery, you’d ask the surgeon questions (we hope). Don’t be afraid or embarrassed about asking these questions.

  1. Are you an agent or a broker? You want to know if they can only represent one company. Or can they present multiple plans?
  2. How many Medicare companies are you ‘appointed’ with? Appointed is insurance industry jargon that legally means they can sell plans from a particular company. So, a person who says ‘I’m an independent broker’ but really is only appointed with 1 company, is really an agent.
  3. Where are you physically located? Is the person part of a Call Center somewhere across the country? While you may never actually meet face to face, remember that Medicare plan options are local.
  4. How many years have you been selling Medicare insurance? Experience matters. That is not to say a new agent or broker is bad. He or she may actually be hungry and work harder that someone who is close to retirement. But it’s good information to know.
  5.  Ask this one after they recommend a particular plan. Can you tell me the names of the other insurers you didn’t recommend? There can be dozens of plans available. No one represents them all. If they don’t mention one of the bigger names, you might want to do a little comparison shopping. Here we list the 2023 top-10 Medicare Advantage plan providers. That’s a good place to start.

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