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Do I Need A Medicare Agent Near Me

An Advantage Agent Near Me can help.  Find the best Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan available. Compare your current plan to others you are eligible for.  Explain when you can freely switch plans to get better benefits or a lower cost.

There are many benefits to working with a licensed Medicare agent.  And, it’s very easy to find one.

How A Local Medicare Advantage Agent Can Benefit You

Depending on where you live, you may have 40 or 50 different MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS to compare.  When you call one of the toll-free numbers advertised on TV, you’ll speak to an agent.  They will NOT be local.  They will likely favor ONLY one or two plans.

A local insurance agent who specializes in Medicare (and has worked for a few years) will know more about LOCAL PLANS than anyone else.  Below, we have some questions that will help you when comparing and selecting.

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Questions To Ask Any Medicare Agent You Speak With

Because who you speak to is important, here are 3 initial questions to help you INTERVIEW an agent.  This can include the person answering the toll-free number advertised on TC.  Why ask? Because you want an agent who is working for you.

  1. How long have you been selling Medicare insurance plans?
  2. Do you offer BOTH Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement (Medigap)?
  3. How many different insurance companies are you APPOINTED to sell? See below for an explanation.

What does the word APPOINTED mean? Why is it important?  Appointed is insurance industry jargon for the number of companies an agent can actually sell and earn a commission from.

When an agent says “I can compare all the companies” that may be true.  BUT, if they are APPOINTED with only ONE insurance company, they can only be paid commissions from THAT company.  So guess which one they will likely recommend you buy.

By the way, that one company’s plan may be the best.  And, then you should buy it.  But, here’s how we like to describe it to consumers.  Remember the last time you went to buy a car (when we all had to go to dealerships).  Well, a Toyota dealer is not going to recommend or sell you a Honda.  With cars you have to compare which involves talking to multiple sales people.

The same is true for insurance.  Comparing is good.

Some agents will only sell 1 or 2 companies.  Others, typically called a BROKER, are appointed with multiple insurance companies.  He or she can help you compare those companies.

Questions To Ask Your Medicare Agent Before You Sign

Because many people base their decision on an agent’s recommendation, we offer a few questions you may not have thought of.  Why?  Since a fair percentage of people who buy – switch plans. That means they were unhappy.

There’s good news. Medicare allows you to switch during Open Enrollment.

But why be unhappy for a time. So here are a few good questions based on the many consumers we hear from.

  1. What is the current Medicare Star Rating for the plan you recommend?
  2. Has the Star Rating changed over the past 2-3 years?
  3. How many clients do you currently have with this particular plan?
  4. Have any of your clients dropped out of this plan over the past 2 years?
  5. Why did they drop out? What were their complaints?

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