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Los Angeles Medicare Costs for insurance vary significantly.  The 2022 Medicare Supplement Price Index reports the following are monthly premiums for Medigap Plan G.  Prices for male or female individual turning 65. Household discounts can vary from zero to 14%.

  • Lowest – $135.00-per-month
  • Major insurer – $149.00
  • California Blue – $149.63
  • Smaller insurer – $210.48
  • Larger insurer – $221.40
  • Highest – $245.57-per-month

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Los Angeles Medicare Costs

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Rates for Medicare Supplement Plan G coverage vary significantly for someone turning age 65.  Each insurance company decides how much they want to charge for what is virtually identical coverage.

Some offer a Household Discount.  This can range from zero to 14%.  That can add up when both spouses have Medicare insurance plan coverage.

A policy fee can be added to the costs shown above.  This is often just a one-time fee.  It can be as much as $25.

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Medicare is confusing.  And it is competitive. Just think about all the companies spending millions of dollars on TV ads.  Think of how much they pay celebrity spokespeople.  Everyone wants you to call. They all hope to sell you something.

Medicare in local.  True, it is a national program.  But your Medicare coverage is very local.  The Medicare Advantage plan available to you in Los Angeles, may not be available outside of Southern California. The cost for a Medigap policy will vary based on where you live.

Los Angeles Medicare insurance agents

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San Diego Medicare Insurance Costs

According to the 2022 Medicare Supplement Price Index, costs for Medigap Plan G range from $125.00-per-month to $205.96-per-month.

These are costs for either a man or woman age 65 residing in San Diego, CA (Zip Code 91911).

A Household Discount for San Diego Medigap plans can range from zero to as much as 14%.  Again, a few companies add a Policy Fee.  This can be as much as $25.

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