How do I find the best Medicare Part D drug plan?

Best-Medicare-Drug-PlanFinding the best Medicare Part D drug plan is now easy. An online tool lets you compare monthly premiums, maximum deductibles and more. Enter the drugs you take to compare what is covered and what isn’t. The prescription drug comparison tool requires NO personal information so you won’t be hounded by hungry salespeople.

Here are ways to compare Medicare prescription drug costs;

  1. Call the various drug plan providers.
  2. Access the Medicare Association’s online plan comparison.
  3. Check out
  4. Find a local Medicare insurance agent.
  5. As your pharmacist for recommendations.

Medicare allows seniors to compare and switch drug plans annually. The typical senior who switches their Medicare drug plan saves between $550 and $750 a year according to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (2022 analysis).

Compare Medicare Part D Plans Without Entering Any Personal Information

The Association has arranged access to the nation’s most comprehensive, independent drug plan comparison tool. You only need to enter your Zip Code to check out plans available to you. For best results, use the system to compare plans based on the prescription drugs you take.

Access the Medicare drug comparison tool. Click on the COMPARE NOW button (on the right).

2022 Medicare Drug Plan Prices

Each year the Association compares Medicare prescription drug plan prices for 10 metro areas. The data below shows the lowest cost and highest cost for stand-along Part D plans (summer 2022).

It is important to note that this merely reflects monthly premium. Some plans will have $0 deductible and others will have a $480 annual deductible.

If you take prescription drugs, the premium and deductible are just one factor. It is important to see whether your drugs are covered and what tier they fall into.

New York City (Zip 10012) – 16 plans available
$7.20 (lowest) / $101.00 (highest)

Los Angeles (Zip 90001) – 20 plans available
$7.50 (lowest) / $160.20 (highest)

Chicago (Zip 60601) – 18 plans available
$6.90 (lowest) / $94.30 (highest)

Washington DC (Zip 20005) – 16 plans available
$7.10 (lowest) / $100.60 (highest)

Houston (Zip 77001) – 21 plans available
$6.90 (lowest) / $154.90 (highest)

Dallas (Zip 75001) – 21 plans available
$6.90 (lowest) / $154.90 (highest)

San Francisco (Zip 94105) – 20 plans available
$7.50 (lowest) / $161.20 (highest)

Philadelphia (Zip 19050) – 18 plans available
$7.20 (lowest) / $178.30 (highest)

Phoenix (Zip 85033) – 20 plans available
$7.50 (lowest) / $139.30 (highest)

Atlanta (Zip 30313) – 21 plans available
$6.90 (lowest) / $104.20 (highest)

Download A PDF of the 2022 Drug Plan Comparison

2022 Medicare drug plan prices top 10 cities

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