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Medicare insurance plans Los Angeles: Best-Medicare-Insurance-plans-Los-AngelesLet’s be honest. Medicare is a great benefit enjoyed by millions.

But, it is enormously complicated. Picking the best Medicare plan is no simple matter. Reading one webpage (or even a dozen) won’t guarantee you won’t make a mistake.

There’s good and bad news. The bad news: every year millions of Americans realize they don’t have the best coverage. Good news for them (and you), switching plans may be possible. Not always; but many times.

The Association does NOT sell insurance. So, what can we do to help you?

First, we can provide as much helpful information on this website as possible.

Second, we believe speaking with a Medicare insurance agent in Los Angeles can really be beneficial. At the very least, hear what they have to say. There’s no cost and no obligation. Click the link to access our directory of Los Angeles Medicare insurance agents.

Los Angeles Plan Options

How great to have so many options. You can have Original Medicare (Medicare Part A & B). Or, you may get Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C). These are typically the plans you see advertised on TV. The third option is Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement plan (Medigap).

The options are all very different. They each have pros and cons. Which is why we so strongly believe it pays to speak with an independent Medicare agent (ideally one who understands and can share all the pros and cons).

Medicare Advantage – Los Angeles

There are over 70 Medicare Advantage plan options available across Los Angeles County.

You have 3 different plan types to choose from. HMO, PPO, HMO-POS and possibly SNP plans (for those on Medical or with serious health issues). We only give the initials because that’s confusing enough.

Some have $0 monthly premium cost. Others charge as much as $90 per month.

With some, the maximum out-of-pocket you’ll pay is $800 to $1000. Other plans can have maximum out-of-pocket costs of $7,500 (a year).

Some plans have earned as few as 2 ½ stars from Medicare. Other have earned 4 stars. The star rating system is enormously important. It tells you what other plan participants think about the plan. Do not overlook this factor when selecting coverage.

AARP (UnitedHealthcare) has 6 different Medicare Advantage plans available.

Aetna (CVS) has 5.

Anthem (Blue Cross) has 7 plans to compare.

Blue Shield also has 7 plans to compare.

There are other companies offering Medicare Advantage plans in Los Angeles. They include Humana, Kaiser, Wellcare and SCAN.

Medicare Supplement – Los Angeles

Some 14 million Americans have Medicare Supplement coverage. It’s often called Medigap because it fills in the gaps left in Original Medicare.

For Los Angeles, there are a variety of plan options. They have letters, like Plan G or Plan N. These are the two most popular with folks turning age 65.

They are offered by insurers including Blue Shield, AARP Unitedhealthcare, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Humana and a few others.

Here’s what few people know. While all Medigap Plan Gs are basically identical, each insurance company decides how much they want to charge.

As of August 2022, a woman turning age 65 could buy a Medigap Plan G for as little as $143.  If she is sold coverage from a different insurance company, she could pay as much as $243 a month. That is a $1,200 a year difference (for basically identical coverage).

Find Best Medicare insurance plans Los Angeles

With so many choices, you will definitely need to do your homework. Considering the importance of this decision, it is definitely worth an hour or two.

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