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Looking for Turning 65 Leads? Here Are Options.

Turning-65-LeadsWant turning 65 leads?  Over 10,000 people turn 65 each day.  Competition to connect with seniors seeking Medicare insurance solutions is high. Generating leads can be costly. Here are some ways to connect with more prospects.

  • Pay for direct mailings.
  • Buy leads from lead provider.
  • Seek leads from an insurer or FMO.
  • Conduct social media campaigns.
  • Build and promote a website.
  • Have a Google My Business listing.
  • List yourself on Medicare Agent directories.
  • Buy radio ads on local stations.
  • Run ads in local print media read by seniors.
  • Conduct free seminars.

Proven Turning 65 Leads Generator

Consumers increasingly are searching online for Medicare insurance solutions.  Many are looking for local Medicare insurance agents.

The #1 (organic) result they find is the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance’s FIND A LOCAL MEDICARE AGENT DIRECTORY.  Over 80,000 click to access the directory each year (2021).  The number keeps growing.


Check out local competition.  Enter your Zip Code (box on right).  See which agents are listed in your area. Only a few? Opportunity for you!  Many? Can you post a description that will make consumers choose you?

Adding your listing is easy.  For many agents it’s an effective way to get more prospects that convert into sales.  Click here to see costs and start adding your listing.

Things to Consider When Seeking Medicare Leads

There are many ways to obtain leads.  Maybe you have tried some or many of them.  The following are tips shared by agents who market Medicare insurance.  Plus, a Tip regarding the Association’s directory. We can’t guarantee you’ll get leads by being listed.  But, it works for many.  It might just work for you.

How Interested Is The Prospect.  You can waste a lot of time with prospects just kicking tires. Or, those who just like to respond because they have little else to do.  Tip: Consumers using the Association’s online directory have decided they need and want someone who can help them.  They pro-actively look online for this specific assistance.

How The Lead Is Distributed.  Are you the 10th agent to call a lead?  Lead companies make their money selling leads.  They can sell a lead once.  Or they can sell it to many. Ask if the lead you are buying is a shared or exclusive lead.  Tip: Most consumers using the Association’s directory reach out to JUST ONE selected agent.  A few will contact multiple agents.  So we’ll never say these are ‘exclusive’.

Cost For The Lead.  Agents tell us they can pay as much as $60 for a turning 65 lead.  And, it can take 2 or 4 leads to generate a sale.  Tip: The Association recommends agents try a 2-year listing.  One Medicare sale over a 2 year period pays for the listing.  Read the testimonials and you’ll see many agents have better results.  But, like all marketing, it works for some … not all.

Check Out Your Medicare Insurance Competition

Enter your Zip Code in the box below.  Click the orange button.  Instantly you will see a listing of Medicare insurance agents for the specific area.  Then decide if you want to give being listed a try.  The Association can only promise to do everything to support the agents who are listed.

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The Medicare Supplement Find An Agent online directory is designed to be a free service for consumers made available by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI). You do not enter any information to access and we do not gather any information on you. It's your choice who you contact (if anyone). To cover costs Insurance agents pay AAMSI a nominal fee to be listed on the directory and AAMSI does not screen or vet agents prior to them being posted. We always urge all consumers to make sure all information is provided in writing, that you make certain the insurance professional you work with is properly licensed in your State and that you read all material carefully.

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance does NOT sell any insurance products. We advocate for planning and support agents and insurance professionals and the industry.

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