Tours for Single Women - No Single Supplement - Discount Code for Overseas Adventure Travel Tours

A Best Tour Company for Solo Women Travelers

What makes Overseas Adventure Travel a top company offering tours for single women travelers?

  • Over 40,000 solo female travelers booked for 2023.
  • Over 30,000 single spaces (NO single supplement fee.)
  • 85% of solo travelers are women.
  • Free guide, 101 Tips for Solo Women Travelers.
  • Small group format encourages better bonding.
  • 2,000 Associates in 36 regional offices.
  • Special $100 first-time traveler discount.

Tours for Single Women – Consider This

For well over a decade I have been traveling the globe. I’ve taken tours or have close friends using multiple tour companies (Globus, Trafalgar, GateOne, Tauck). But there’s one that stands out and I am more than happy to share. I believe a customer’s recommendation is the most valuable testimonial.

The company I travel with (11 tours, 2 more set for 2023) is Overseas Adventure Travel (or OAT). I don’t work for the company. I work running the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.


The company really caters to women traveling solo. They lead the way in making an enormous number of rooms available with NO single supplement. Others are now starting to do that.

Most of the folks taking OAT tours are frequent users of the companies. We like them and the people taking their tours. So, couples and singles mix really well.


tours-for-single-womenOverseas Adventure Travel doesn’t advertise. They grow based on referrals (like the one I’m giving here).

When you book a first land tour or cruise, you can save $100 by saying “I was referred by Jesse Slome, Traveler #932019”.

There’s no catch. The discount comes off the lowest price they are offering.

Now (full disclosure). I do receive a credit that I can apply towards a future trip. I only get 1 credit, one time. I thank you for that. But, after referring dozens of happy people, I’m doing this because I really like the company.

And, I truly believe you will as well.

Tips for Solo Women Travelers

  1. Ask How Many Spaces Are Allocated for Single Travelers:  If only 1 space is available, that person will probably be the only solo traveler. But is 2, 3 or 4 are being offered, then there will be fellow single travelers.
  2. How Many Total People Are On Going On The Dates You Prefer? Having taken both larger and small group tours, I’ve seen there is a difference. I prefer smaller groups because they become more intimate. Overseas Adventure Travel typically limits tours to 16. Two or three single people will blend in and better mingle. Tours should be able to tell you specifics about the tour dates you are interested in.
  3. How Long Have The Company Offered No Single Supplements? Why does this matter? Because the tour guide makes or breaks the tour (my experience). A company that has offered singles an advantage, typically has guides that know how to get new groups to blend.
  4. What’s The Ages For Tour Travelers? It’s been my experience that solo female travelers tend to be more active. Some tours tend to be older (70s+) and let’s face it, the older we get, the less mobile. If you like to be more active, you’ll want a tour of like-minded participants.

Free Copy: 101 Tips For Solo Women Travelers

101+ Tips for Solo Women Travelers features advice from OAT’s most seasoned solo women travelers. If you are thinking about tours for single women, definitely get a copy. It’s free with tips on;

  • Packing like a pro
  • Safety for solo travelers
  • The best travel apps for women
  • Tips on etiquette and culture abroad
  • Dining like a diva
  • Feeling and looking your best
  • Top solo-friendly destinations

The 96-page book is lightweight and can fit in your small travel bag or purse—the ideal size to bring along. You can request a copy by mail or download. Click the link to access Tips For Solo Women Travelers.

Read My Blog: Discount Overseas Adventure Travel

Following trips, I try to post some helpful information for future travelers. You can read more tips for single women travelers here by clicking discount overseas adventure travel blog.

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