Medicare Supplement Statistics - Top States - Florida - Illinois - Texas - 2018 Medigap Statistics

Florida, Texas and Illinois Are Top States For Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Covered Lives

Medicare Supplement Covered Lives (2015)

Florida has more residents covered by a Medicare Supplement insurance policy than any other state according to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

“Over 13 million Americans have Medicare Supplement or Medigap insurance and with 10,000 Americans turning 65 daily, the number is growing,” shares Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).  The Los Angeles-based group organizes the annual national conference for the Med Supp insurance industry.

According to Slome, the latest available data comes from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that gathers data from insurers that offer Medicare products.

“The top five states are Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania and California,” Slome noted.   “California had less than half a million residents with a Medicare Supplement policy,” Slome acknowledged. A listing of top 15 states have been posted on the Association’s website.

Sales of the policy have been growing as the population ages. “More retirees are feeling financial comfortable and they value the added choice and options available when they have Medigap coverage as a supplement to their Medicare coverage,” Slome adds. “As more insurance professionals focus on marketing Medicare Supplement products and more insurers enter the industry, we project continued growth,” he concluded. 

What State Has Most Medigap Policies?

To learn more about the Medicare Supplement statistics visit the Association’s website at  The page shows the name of the state and the number of individuals covered.

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance advocates for sound Medicare insurance planning and supports insurance agents nationally who offer Medicare insurance products. AAMSI organizes the national Medigap conference that takes place June 12-14, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel in downtown St. Louis, MO with the involvement of leading companies who are committed to the growth of the industry.