Andy Eichenwald Medicare insurance agent

andy eichenwald medicare insurance agent
I have been participating since the directory’s beginning and I can tell you that I have no intention of stopping, it works!  The latest lead were bereft with their current, now former, agent.  Hence their search. If not for your promotion of the directory … well, results speak volumes.
As a former certified marketing consultant, I can tell you advertising (which is what that platform is at the core) is designed to drive traffic to the target. It’s up to the “store” (agent in our case) to “ring the register”. Over the 3+years, I have received phone leads and 2-3 email leads, that have led to clients I still have.  It doesn’t take very many, maybe even just a couple of completed and approved apps to pay for my investment. Patience has rewarded me over time.  It Works!  Plus, I have found that each lead is usually for more than one person.