Solo Female Travel Discounts - Tips for Single Women and Men Looking For Tours and Savings

A Tip for Solo Female Travelers Plus A Special $100 Added Discount

Solo Female Travel Discounts:  This webpage was specially created by the director of the Association.  Why? Because I love to travel.  For well over a decade (and a dozen trips and growing), I have used two tour companies that really have focused on solo travelers (especially women).

  1. They offer lots of single spaces at no extra charge.
  2. If you are a first-time traveler with either company, I can help you save an additional $100.

Overseas Adventure Travel and their parent Grand Circle Travel

solo-female-travel-discountsIn 2022, Overseas Adventure Travel is offering 30,000 single spaces—92% of which are FREE.

If single spaces are sold out on your preferred departure, there are other ways for independent travelers.  They offer a Roommate Matching Program.

The remaining 8% (of spaces) have the lowest Single Supplements in the industry.

Finally, they offer FREE Single Supplements on every trip extension and Stopover.

It is well worth checking out their land tours and cruises – to all over the world.

Solo Female Travel Discount – The Added $100 Code Offer

If you decide to book a trip with either company, here’s how to save an additional $100.  Simply mention that you were referred by Jesse Slome, #932019.

You will save $100.  The company will provide me with a 1-time discount towards a future trip.  There’s no catch.  I only get the credit one time.  After that, you are eligible to refer people and each similar credits yourself.

FYI:  Jesse Slome is the director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.  That’s why we can include this page on the Association’s website.  And, I have traveled with both companies.  You can read some of my trip reviews for Overseas Adventure Travel.  Just click the link.

Links To The Tour Company Websites

Click here to go to Overseas Adventure Travel’s home page.

Or – click here to visit Grand Circle Travel.

What is the difference between the two companies?  Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) is generally for younger travelers.  I started traveling with them in my mid-50s.  But I would say most travelers are in their 60s or older.  That said, they are active.  I’ve had 80-year-olds out-pace me hiking up a volcano.  Groups are also smaller.  The maximum number is 16.

Grand Circle Travel are larger groups.  And travelers are typically older.  They don’t require people be as active.  They have some very popular river cruises throughout Europe.

Do Singles Fit In?  Absolutely.  On every tour I have taken, there have been singles. More single women than men.  You’ll find many people on tours have taken 10, 15 and sometimes 30 tours with the company.  They know how to mingle and welcome all.  I have never found anyone left out.