Testimonials From Agents Listed Online

Medicare Agent Testimonials

We continually hear from agents who are listed on the Association’s Find An Agent directory. Here are testimonials from agents listed. We have even included the link to their listing – so you can see that these are real.

Here’s a Tip for agents adding their listing: Click on the various links to see the agent descriptions. See what words generated consumer inquires. A strong description as part of your listing will help improve your results.

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  • I don't do a great job of tracking where referrals come from. I do know I had a few that came from you, so definitely enough to validate the the cost of listing! I also signed up for the Medicare Agents Hub by accident this year (I thought it was your renewal email), but let it go. I got far more value from your organization. Thanks for all you do!”
    Matt V., St. Paul, MN | January 2024
  • AEP 2023 - Being listed on the Association's directory drives business/leads my way.  I've had several clients say they did an online search for “independent Medicare agent” as they wanted an agent who could offer more than one company plan.  My directory listing resulted in at least 4 new clients during AEP – 2 for Med Supp and 2 for MAPD plans.  For the entire year – I would say I had at least 4 other Med Supp sales.  So a total of 8 new clients for the year.”
    Marsha R., Tampa Bay, FL | December 2023
  • AEP 2023 - I tip toed into the MA world last year and it paid off. I re-upped with the Association's Agent Directory and I received several new cases, both MA and Med Supp…..I think 4 cases in total, and as you know, all it takes is one to cover the cost. Plus, one of those cases will most likely lead to an annuity sale too. Thanks for all you do.”
    Steve B., Memphis, TN | December 2023
  • AEP 2023 - I give Medicaresupp.org 10 Stars! Being listed on the Agent Directory has been fabulous for me!!  I don't have an exact count of how many Med Supps, PDPs and MAPD plans generated from being listed but I so grateful for the great job you're doing. In fact, of all the associations I am a member of, yours has been the only one producing consistently better results every year. Congratulations and thank you very much!”
    Jackie C., Ocala, FL | December 2023
  • AEP 2023 - During AEP I sold 2 MAPD plans PLUS 2 Medigap policies along with 2 PDPs. All came as a result of being listed on the Association's directory. I also picked up a referral source from the listing.  A wealth management company.  We'll see how that plays out long term.”
    Tonya R., Tualatin, OR | December 2023
  • AEP 2023 - My directory listing resulted in 4 new Medicare Supplement sales, which also resulted in 4 new Prescription Drug Plan sales during this 2024 AEP.”
    Gary H., Boynton Beach, FL | December 2023
  • This is THE REAL DEAL. Jesse, whatever you are doing to generate consumer leads is working. Seniors using the Association's directory are serious buyers. Leads have converted into sales and being listed on the directory has more than paid for itself (which I can't say about others who charge a whole lot more!).”
    Wayne S., Naples, FL | October 2023
  • Being listed on MedicareSupp.org has given me the highest ROI (Return on Investment) of any marketing I've done since becoming an independent agent in 2019. Consumers use the Association's directory to find agents. Other agents with clients moving have also used it to find me.”
    Tom B., Baton Rouge, LA | September 2023
  • I just finished completing a new Medicare Supplement Plan N Submission. The prospect found my listing on the Association's directory.  This is the 2nd referral in the past month from your website and the 3rd Policy I have written.  So even though the first two years only netted some phone calls, my recently renewed listing is bearing fruit.  I just wanted to share if an agent is on the fence about spending the money. I'm glad to say being listed worked for me!
    Michael B., Chandler, AZ | August 2023
  • Consumers find the Association's online directory and my listing generates calls from all over Florida. Being listed has generated Medigap sales; enough to make it (more than) worthwhile.”
    Joyce B., Mount Dora, FL | April 2023
  • Thanks again for all the great work drawing traffic to the (Association) website.  I've received a ton of leads -- almost all of them have turned into a sale. At least 9 out of 10 over the last 13 months. Med Supp mostly, but also Med Advantage, drug plans, and several great annuities”
    Thomas B., Wake Forest, NC | March 2023
  • I got 2 sales last year (both MAPD plans) and about 4 other calls from people seeking information. Being listed paid for itself. Plus I have new clients who might also yield some referrals. Not all marketing efforts pay off - so when something more than covers the cost it's worth renewing (which I just did).”
    Terry S., Reno, NV | February 2023
  • I know I get referrals or I wouldn't renew. I always ask people how they found me and being listed gets me more in business than it costs. And that's what I care about. Thanks.”
    Peter S, Wellesly Hills, MA | February 2023
  • AEP 2022 - Folks searching the Internet found their way to me this AEP!  Medicaresupp.org is the only internet marketing I do and it continues to bring me increasingly more folks -- 6 total during AEP looking to leave MAPD's and get supplements. I'm happy to report all 6 of them are now clients, 5 qualified to get Supplements. Whatever you're doing, Jesse...Don't Stop and MANY THANKS!!”
    Andy E., Branson, MO | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - I received 4 leads – the most I've had from the directory listing. They resulted in 4 sales (1 MAPD, 3 Med Supps and 2 drug plans). Last year I had 1 drug plan during AEP.”
    Cheryl L., Hopewell, TN | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - I’ve had three times the calls this year over the previous years. Had 6 calls alone during AEP that resulted in immediate sales (1 Medigap, 2 PDPs) and 3 future potentials. Sales have offset my costs. Thank you.”
    Wendell W., Folsom, CA | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - I have been listed a few years with no referrals. But this changed this AEP.  I was able to write supplements for one couple saving them a lot of money!  I also got a referral for another couple that were very appreciative that I enrolled them in much better PDPs.”
    Paula W., Carrollton, VA | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - I did get one call that turned into a MAPD client. I appreciate your efforts as we have to do everything we can to combat the incessant 800 number call center ads.”
    Ron V., Longmont, CO | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - One contact resulting in 2 MAPD sales this AEP. However, about 14 months ago I was contacted by a center of influence who found my directory listing. That's resulted in 1 or 2 Medigap sales per month ongoing. Without the directory listing this would not have happened.”
    Floyd C., Richmond, VA | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - Being listed on the directory resulted in 2 enrollments into MAPDs during AEP. Thanks for all you do!”
    Peggy T., San Diego, CA | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - I received 3 inquiries during AEP and this is the first year I received any inquiries.  It resulted in 1 MA plan for a woman who wanted to drop Medicare Supplement because the premium was unaffordable for her. The others have not yielded any sales.”
    Marcia M., Green Bay, WI | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - Four folks found me through the Association website (directory). Two signed up during AEP. The other two will sign up in early 2023 when they are eligible for Medicare. Thanks!”
    Steve B., Des Moines, IA | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - I gained a new client (actually 2) during AEP due to the directory listing. She was assisting her parents with MAPD coverage looking to change. After presenting all the options they applied for Medigap and Part D plans. Luckily we have a GI carrier in our state. Thanks.”
    Cathy B., Elmhurst, IL | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - My listing received several calls this AEP. People will find your listing. It is worth every penny. Also, Jesse does try to help with marketing ideas. (P.S. my listing has generated had 5 sales of Med Supp in the last year and a half. No MAPD. Well worth it, thanks!)”
    Evan F., Englewood Cliffs, NJ | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - Being listed has absolutely paid for itself. Made 2 sales as a result during AEP, both Medigap policies.”
    Stevena J., King of Prussia, PA | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - Once again, for AEP and throughout the year, folks continue to contact me because they found me on medicaresupplement.org  After assisting a couple update their coverage for 2023, they called me back to assist two of their sons that are also on Medicare. Another appointment was with a family of four, a husband & wife, the wife's mom & sister all residing together. Another four enrollments! So yes, I'm a lifer on medicaresupplement.org!
    Dan G., Jackson, MI | December 2022
  • AEP 2022 - I received one lead that lead to a PDP sale. I was surprised since it was my first time being listed on the directory.
    Linda B., Largo, FL | December 2022
  • This has been my first year (being listed) and I've written 11 policies from leads (generated by being listed on the directory). Includes their spouses plus referrals. Thanks for your service.”
    Len W., Seekonk, RI | October 2022
  • I have gotten 5 sales off my listing on the directory, so it does work.”
    Chad S., Eau Clair, WI | October 2022
  • I recently set up my listing on MedicareSupp.org, and I just received a great referral from the site.  The couple is so happy that I took so much time to help them that they referred me to their brother-in-law who is turning 65 soon. Thank you for doing the site and helping us brokers help people. ”
    Dylan G., Fort Myers, FL | September 2022
  • The Association directory generates interested parties. On August 3rd I got a lead that I have converted to a Plan G, Part D, Vision and Dental sale (by Aug 8). Quality leads are so rare today. That is a benefit of having consumers seeking local expertise via the directory.”
    Don L., Roanoke, VA | August 2022
  • I thought you would like to know about the success being affiliated with your site, www.medicaresupp.org, has been to my practice. The month of July has generated three leads, resulting in two MAPD sales and one Med Supp.  YTD, I have a total of 13 sales directly linked to your site. Thank-you Jesse, you are the Yoda of Marketing Med Supp and the free marketing tools you provide listed agents are an incredible resource. I’d pay (but thanks for offering them free!).”
    Joe F., Tampa, FL | August 2022
  • I've been listed on the association directory for 5 years - getting at least 1 or 2 sales a year. Did one sale 2 days ago; a Med Supp policy and will be doing an MA for his sister shortly. Leads have turned into sales, referrals and even an agent working with me on under 65 sales.  Very pleased to share the value we've received.”
    Mark M., Riverview, FL | June 2022
  • I appreciate your services and have benefitted, having written approximately 10 policies as a result of my listing on the directory (I mostly write MA coverage). The commissions far outweigh the cost.”
    Daniel G., Novi, MI | May 2022
  • Appreciate the Association marketing tools provided (free) to listed agents. I have 2 prospects “on the fence” between Medigap and MAPD and they both replied that your latest info (tool) is helping them decide. Great value added over and above the agent listing
    John D., Pasadena, CA | May 2022
  • Just wanted you to know I got a lead today from Medicaresupp.org and she is one of my neighbors --SMALL WORLD.  You do a great job with your service!!!  This was probably my 6th lead.
    Donna B., Sarasota, FL | May 2022
  • I have been listed on the Association's directory for a number of years now, receiving inquiries throughout the year.  Besides referrals, the site is the best one I have experienced with a positive ROI.  During OEP 2021 I received a husband/wife lead, resulting in two Medicare supplements and two PDPs.
    Bruce E., Charlotte, NC | January 2022
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I received 6 new clients that found me on this website.  I've been told the most common (search) words were " Medicare broker".  Thank you for keeping us in the front lines of contact with those who need us and respect our services!”
    Gail Y., Richmond, VA | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - This open enrollment I received about 10 inquiries (3 emails ad 7 calls) and I made 5 MAPD sales.  The majority of these inquiries (clicked the directory's links) and viewed my website or profile prior to calling me.”
    Marsha M., Kentucky, KY | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I received 3-5 leads and wrote most of them - which is slowly building from prior years.  Never less than 1, so I have always figured that it pays for itself.”
    Phyllis D., Hayes, VA | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I got 1 call and was able to enroll him in a MAPD plan.”
    Vickie L., Inland Empire, CA | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - Signing up for the directory has provided my with leads each AEP. I do not get a high number of leads but the ones I've gotten have been very high quality and have resulted sales. I will continue to be listed on Medicaresupp.org for as long as I sell insurance.”
    Anthony W., Sewell, NJ | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - During AEP I received 6 MAPD leads, 1 Med Supp and 1 PDP.  All were closed and now I have 7 happy clients.”
    Joe F., Tampa, FL | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I received 4calls/emails from the listing. I sold 1 Med Supp, 1PDP and 1 MAPD. The 4th client was in the right plan and there was no need to change.”
    Craig S., Great Neck, NY | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - Two of my AEP enrollments came through the MedSupp website.  Both enrolled in MAPD plans.  Thanks for being there!”
    Steve B., West Des Moines, IA | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I didn't receive leads during AEP but I did receive 2 in September.  They both lead to MAPD sales.  I appreciate your continuous efforts to build website traffic!”
    Lisa H., Burlington, WI | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I received one lead and was really thrilled when I asked how she found me!  Thanks.  It resulted in a brand new MAPD sale.”
    April H., Lytle, TX | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - Much to my (pleasant) surprise, I've had 3 calls that ended in business.  When I asked where they found me, the simply said they "found me online" while looking for Medicare.  I'll give you credit for that and my thanks go out to you.   Thank you.”
    Pete G., Chattanooga, TN | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - This was a good year for me!  I got 5 calls from Medicaresupp.org. 2 enrolled same day, 1 is a future enroll and 2 just wanted info.  I would say it was a pretty good year with the directory listing!”
    Grace V., San Diego, CA | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I received two calls due to my listing on MedicareSupp.org . One resulted in a sale plus two referrals which also resulted in sales. The sales were all Medicare Supplements. The listing is definitely a good lead source.”
    Floyd C., Richmond, VA | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I received 2 calls from husbands and wives and got 4 new clients - all Medicare Advantage (MAPD) plans.
    Sherry G., Tampa Bay, FL | December 2021
  • Open Enrollment 2021 - I am very happy I got a few leads during this enrollment period. Some others from people who found me online that I am pretty sure came from the website as well. Generated 1 MAPD, 2 Med Supps and 2 PDP sales.
    Chris B., Lee's Summit, MO | December 2021
  • Consumers are so ardent about working with local agents and value the directory so much.  As proof, when I didn't see the person's email request for info, he took the time to revisit the website and call me.  That is remarkable proof how much value people place in the Association's resource.”
    Lily F., Columbia, SC | October 2021
  • I've spent money on marketing programs that don't work.  This one does (work).  With a few months of adding a 2-year listing I got a couple of responses.  Being listed has paid for itself and that's why I'm happy to share this testimonial (and to renew my listing again for another 2 years).”
    Barry B., St. Louis, MO | August 2021
  • I’ve sold 3-4 policies every year from the directory since adding my listing in January 2019.  It’s more than paid for itself.
    Steve B., West Des Moines, IA | July 2021
  • I've had several people call me after finding me on the directory.  One sale more than paid for my listing; the second was a bonus. You can't compete with the millions being spent on TV ads.  But you can be found online and that's something I'd gladly recommend.
    Phil W., Palm Desert, CA | May 2021
  • SATISFIED & JUST RENEWED.  Being listed results in 2-to-3 inquires a year which have resulted in sales.  Each sale generates referral potential making this a worthwhile way to build our business.
    Sherri and Darrell B., Riverside, CA | June 2021
  • I was pleased that I've gotten a few calls from people who got my name from the Association's directory.  I'm renewing my listing because it's well worth the cost and suggest agents give it a try.”
    Dorothy E., Portage, MI | May 2021
  • Being listed on the Association directory generates 2 or 3 consumer inquiries each quarter/half year.  For the cost, nothing beats this for lead gen.  If you want to be found by consumers searching online, a directory listing is a must. ”
    Joe F., Tampa, FL | May 2021
  • When people tell me they found me on the Internet, they found me because I'm listed on the Association's directory.  It generates at least 4-to-5 prospects a year, making it very worthwhile.”
    Gail Y., Richmond, VA | April 2021
  • I’ve been listed on Medicaresupp.org for several years and the prospects generated have resulted in sales.  The leads have accounted for a combination of Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans and PDP sales all of which more than made the listing worthwhile for an agent looking to grow their business.  I highly recommend agents consider becoming listed.
    Laura F., Fair Haven, NJ | April 2021
  • The website listing has generated excellent responses for Owen Insurance Group agents.  As we head into 2021, we definitely recommend our agents who want more Medicare prospects add their listing.  Not only consumers use the directory.  A month ago I got another referral from an out-of-state agent not licensed in Florida.”
    Tom B., Port St. Lucie, FL | February 2021
  • I am more than satisfied.  Being listed on the directory has already paid for itself.  I've tried other marketing deals and some have not worked as quickly.  One new Med Supp client also became a life insurance client.  Thank you very much.”
    Melvin W., Charlotte, NC | January 2021
  • The Association's website is generating more results than my own website, more than Facebook (now gone) or other online services.  You are the SEO King!”
    Larry S., Oro Valley, AZ | December 2020
  • I received 2 leads. I closed one and the other will be next year when they retire.  Also, there is other business in both houses.  Even if I only closed one Med Supp sale, it paid for my listing.  Both prospects were very thankful they found me through your directory.”
    Debbie Z., Calvert, MD | December 2020
  • Just wanted you to know that I received two calls from your website (directory listing) and closed two sales.  That is an excellent ratio for Montana.”
    Frank S., Billings, MT | December 2020
  • I have been participating since the directory's beginning and I can tell you that I have no intention of stopping, it works!  The latest lead were bereft with their current, now former, agent.  Hence their search. If not for your promotion of the directory ... well, results speak volumes. As a former certified marketing consultant, I can tell you advertising (which is what that platform is at the core) is designed to drive traffic to the target. It's up to the "store" (agent in our case) to "ring the register". Over the 3+years, I have received phone leads and 2-3 email leads, that have led to clients I still have.  It doesn't take very many, maybe even just a couple of completed and approved apps to pay for my investment. Patience has rewarded me over time.  It Works!  Plus, I have found that each lead is usually for more than one person.”
    Andy E., Branson, MO | November 2020
  • I added my listing in May (2020) and it's already resulted in a couple of sales.  That included walk-ins who found the online listing when looking for a Medicare agent.  Plus an email received last month that just yielded 2 Med Supp and PDP plan sales.  And, I still have 2 1/2 years to go on my 3 year listing!  Glad I made the decision to list!”
    Don L., Roanoke, VA | October 2020
  • I just renewed my listing for 3 years … because the one sale I made has covered the cost.  Advertising on the web for less than 2 cups a coffee a month cannot be beat.  Good to see consumers are using the directory.”
    Lance H., Hermosa Beach, CA | October 2020
  • This is unbelievable.  I just added my listing this morning and already received a request for information! Previously, there had been only one agent listed for her zip code.  She had contacted him about a week ago and hadn’t received a response, so she went back to your website this morning and found me.  I have scheduled an appointment with her next week.
    Clarence C., Ashland, WI | September 2020
  • I added my listing in April.  In June. I had a client reach out based on the listing.  After the consultation, he enrolled in a MA plan.  In July, I was contacted through your site and have an appointment in September to enroll another prospect for  a plan October 1st.  Bottom line:  It works!
    Don G., Missouri City, TX | September 2020
  • Every angle helps. I do most of my Medicare sales working at Walgreens but I've made one or two sales last year directly from people who found me via the Association's directory.  They all count and the listing has paid for itself.  I'm renewing!”
    Tom G., Englewood, FL | August 2020
  • 2018 - one call, one policy.  Later added two PDP policies for that couple.  2019 - two calls, two policies plus a PDP.  2020 - nothing yet.  It has paid for itself so far.  You offer a wonderful tool to the public and agents. ”
    Dawn G., West Milford, NJ | August 2020
  • About a year after I signed up, I got 2 calls off the directory within a month of each other.  Got 3 sales out of it.  (Association Director's Note:  We priced the 3-year listing so that 1 sale over 3 years more or less covers the cost of being listed.  Anything beyond that is of course even better!)”
    Toby F., Fontana, CA | August 2020
  • Jesse, YES this has been working great!  Recently, in the last two weeks I have a husband and wife turning 65 and going with a Medicare Supplement as well as an individual woman retiring from her job.  Please don't tell other agents, because it works!”
    Rodney S., Carmel, IN | August 2020
  • Thought you’d like to know that being listed on the directory resulted in a walk-in lead a couple of weeks ago which culminated in a Med Supp sale this week (plus dental, vision and Part D).  With all the ads promoting toll-free numbers, it’s great to connect with consumers who want to work with someone locally.””
    Don L., Roanoke, VA | August 2020
  • I am happy to renew my directory listing.   In the past few months, I’ve had three leads from this site.   All are now clients!  
    Diane D., Fitchburg, WI | July 2020
  • I have gotten a few consumer Medicare leads from the directory listing and that surprised me (in a positive way) because other marketing things I've tried have cost more and resulted in nothing.
    Ann W., Hartland, WI | July 2020
  • Four inquiries the past year resulting in three new clients.  That pretty much says it all.”
    Sheila S., Naples, FL | May 2020
  • Another couple just called after finding me on the Association's agent directory.  One day later I wrote the business making me an even more loyal fan.  I'm appreciative of a good product and this is certainly one.”
    Ken B., Livonia, MI | May 2020
  • We have gotten a few leads from this listing.  Not a lot . . . but certainly enough to justify the cost and that is HONESTLY more than I can say for ANY of the lead programs we have paid A LOT MORE for.  No returned mail!!! Just people serious about getting answers to their Medicare questions.  LOVE IT!”
    Lynn & Harry S., Cedar Park, TX | May 2020
  • I added my listing in June and within months got two leads that converted into sales. Every sale counts and they more than covered the cost of my 3-year listing. Anything going forward is wonderful. I’m glad to be listed and to recommend this to others
    Emily H., Liberty Hill, TX | April 2020
  • I have been listed on Medicaresupp.org for two and a half years now and my investment has paid off big time.  I have been called or emailed 5 times with 6 new clients generated from those contacts.  These leads that are generated are as hot as they come.  It is fantastic to have lead sources that reach out to you who actually want to talk to you.”
    Jay R., Cleveland, OH | April 2020
  • Best marketing dollars I’ve spent.  I’ve had several calls from the listing that have resulted in sales.  One from a local business has become a referral machine for both Medicare and under-65 health products.  I heartily recommend agents get listed.  I just renewed for another 3 years”
    Mark McD., Riverview, IL | April 2020
  • This is our third year of being listed.  We get multiple calls from consumers who found us through the Association directory.  Being listed has worked out very well for us.  Thank you.”
    Al G., Lynchburg, VA | March 2020
  • Results from being listed increased this AEP (compared to the prior year). Six emails that turned into 3 sales. Thanks for all you do!”
    Misty B., Chattanooga, TN | March 2020
  • I just got my first call from the Association directory, a local doctor.  I wanted to let you know how elated I am about the call I got today.  (Note: Listing added 6 weeks ago).”
    Wayne S., Naples, FL | February 2020
  • The listing has introduced me to 5 new clients in 2019 for Medicare Supplement and sometimes dental add on.   Thank you for providing this valuable service to the many people turning 65 looking for education, and guidance in making a good decision for their individual needs.”
    Melissa B., Monkton, MD | January 2020
  • I tried a listing for a year. Received 4 leads that turned into a couple of Medigap and PDP sales. Some for both husband and wife. I'm renewing for another year because clearly people using Google to find info are finding and using the Association's directory.
    Alan G., Northbrook, IL | January 2020
  • I enrolled with a 3 year plan this March and thought it may produce a lead or two during the next few years.   To my surprise within a month I got a call from a retired Doctor and his wife who would be moving to my area in Florida.   He said their insurance broker from Syracuse, NY gave them my name and phone number and highly recommended me.  This agent had found me on the Medicaresupp.org website.    This resulted in 2 Medicare Advantage plans.  Not long after that an Agent from Phoenix, AZ found me on the site, called and interviewed me to make sure I knew what I was doing and to gauge my experience.  He has since sent me 4 referrals of people either moving to Florida or who already live in Florida.  This has resulted in 2 new Medicare Supplement plans, 2 PDP plans and 2 more Medicare Advantage plans.   Of all the advertising I have done and paid a premium for, the Medicaresupp.org system has BY FAR been the best.  Not only has it paid for itself many times over but it has given me the exposure and credibility online that I was looking for.  Along with the internet presence there are a lot of ideas, tools and workshops available thru the Agent Portal that have been helpful to me.  Jesse Slome is the real deal as a marketing teacher for Insurance Agents.”
    Tom B., Port St. Lucie, FL | January 2020
  • This year has been the best since I signed up for the directory.  More people have found me here than any other place on the internet.  So far I have received 4 calls all resulting in sales.   Being listed has paid for itself.  What ever you are doing to draw people to the Association's website keep it up.”
    Gail Y., Richmond, VA | January 2020
  • AEP 2019 SUCCESS STORY:  I signed up late in the AEP season but to my surprise I received 3 calls from people who found me through the directory.  I was only able to convert one but it was for a husband and wife.  I also got a call (post-AEP) from a lady calling for her mom.”
    Craig S., Great Neck, NY | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 SUCCESS STORY:   During AEP I received 4 calls resulting in 4 sales from people who found me on the Association's directory listing.  Throughout the year I get at least 8 calls from people newly eligible for Medicare who need help.”
    Richard B., Sewell, NJ | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 SUCCESS STORY:  I've been listed on the Association's Directory since the beginning.  This year has, by far, been the best year yet.  The local SHIP counselors are giving out a printed list of Med Supp brokers from the Medicaresupp.org directory.  This year I had 21 Medicare Supplement sales based on the listing.”
    Maureen P., Wyndmoor, PA | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 Success Story:    I did add 6 new clients just during Open Enrollment that I was able to attribute to the Association's Directory listing.  Whatever you are doing has improved how people are searching online and it has resulted in more sales for me!
    Marsha R., Tampa, FL | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 Success Story:   This AEP season I was fortunate enough to receive 3 clients due to my listing on the Association Directory.  One was from another agent listed on the Directory who could not write in my State.
    Thomas B., Raleigh, NC | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 Success Story:  I've only been listed for about 6 months.  I think I've gotten 5 leads from it who became clients.  That may not sound like a lot but every client often leads to more clients/referrals.”
    Dana D., Cary, NC | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 Success Story:  I just wrote another application on Monday this week, as a result of my listing on the website.  That makes 6 clients in 2019.  Some may say that's not much.  I would ask in return, 'is $2,000 of additional income not much?'  Four Medigap and 2 MA enrollees makes me smile and say I appreciate what you do, very much!”
    Harry K., Central Indians, IN | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 Success Story:  I wrote 2 Medicare Advantage policies from an individual who found me on the directory after moving to my city and looking online for a local agent.  Hope to have many more as I just started selling Medicare products.”
    Lynn W., Vero Beach, FL | December 2019
  • AEP 2019 Success Story:  I have enrolled 5 new clients from being listed.  They contacted me thru the site, made an appointment and now are clients.  I will be re-upping and thank you for helping me grow my business.”
    Mark M., Haddon Heights, NJ | December 2019
  • The free PR kit you provide to listed agents is really appreciated. My name and phone number have been published in our local weekly newspaper as the local Medicare insurance expert not just once, but three times. Thanks so much for the extra value (provided free!).”
    Judy S., Wilmington, NC | November 2019
  • I'd say I've closed 5 of the 7 leads from the Association directory.  Not making me rich, but well worth the price of being listed.
    Lorraine M., Portland, OR | October 2019
  • A year ago I added my listing which generated three (3) apps that more than covered the cost.  More seniors and referral sources are using the Internet to find and connect with local professionals like me.  This more than paid for itself and I will be renewing.  Thanks for the valuable service to consumers and agents.”
    Diana S., Napoleon, OH | September 2019
  • I'm getting about a call almost every other week from folks in this area who don't know an agent who specializes in Med Supps.  Many, if not all, have resulted in policy sales.”
    Steve B., Tucson, AZ | September 2019
  • Whenever I have a client moving out of my geographic area, the first place I go is the Association's Find an Agent online directory.  I want my client to be well taken care of in their transition.  Insurance professionals listed by the Association are committed to the industry. They share my concern for putting the client first.”
    Kim K, Eugene, OR | August 2019
  • My listing has definitely added to my sales of Med Supps this year as well as MAPD and PDPs!  The articles are also a hit and as a result I’ve been asked for them again this year! Because of my listing I just made a Med Supp and two Dental and two Vision sales last week!
    Kathy J., Columbus, PA | August 2019
  • I've only been on your listing for a few weeks and I already closed a sale!  Thanks so much!”
    Janet P., Buford, GA | July 2019
  • I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of contacts I get from the Association's listing.  Most important, these are people who need what I do and want someone locally to work with.  This is an affordable way that adds to what I'm doing.”
    Robert R., Atlanta, GA | June 2019
  • I've received a few leads from the Association's online directory - more than enough to justify the expense.  Resulted in a couple of Med Supp and a couple of MA sales.   I'm pleased and just renewed my listing for another 3 years!”
    Tom O., Andover, MN | June 2019
  • I made $800 from just one lead generated from my listing on the Association's directory.  I've had a number of contacts and am very pleased with the results and the return.”
    Donna B., Sarasota, FL | June 2019
  • Because I was listed on the website, I was invited to do monthly educational and sales events at a local senior center. I could not have done this without the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance's online listing.”
    Ken B, Livonia, MI | April 2019
  • Just renewed my directory listing. It generated several leads last year that converted into sales. And, the Association helped me with suggestions to make my listing work even better. Looking forward to continued success. Thanks.”
    Susan E., Twin Cities, MN | February 2019
  • I have been listed for a year and I have already received 3 clients which more than paid for my listing. Consider me a lifetime member.”
    Jason M, Charleston, SC | January 2019
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:   The lead I received was frustrated by the cost of his Medigap premium and wanted to convert to a Medicare Advantage policy.  The MA plan sale covered the cost of my listing.  Renewals and a new client are icing on the cake.”
    Cheryl L., Chattanooga, TN | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  My listing started in March and since then I think I've had about 6 leads including two during AEP.  They've all been local looking for an agent in their immediate area which also means less driving for me.  Thank you for the leads and the time saved!”
    Claire A., Long Beach, CA | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  We received referrals from the agent directory.  One of the new clients was referred by her son who searched (online) and saw my name.  He is so happy with us that he is referring others!
    Sandi S., Calabasas, CA | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  I am happy to report the (Association) directory brought in 11 leads during AEP and thus far 6 have written with a few left to finish up before January 1.”
    Joel E., Littleton, CO | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  This has been an invaluable tool for my sales.  I'm getting two calls per month from people saying that they saw my name come up in their search for a Medicare agent.  During AEP the calls doubled.  I want to tell agents NOT to add their listing because, heck, that's more sales opportunities for me!”
    Richard B., Sewell, NJ | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  I can personally attribute 6 sales generating over $1,600 in commission this AEP to the Association's site.  People finding me on Medicaresupp.org are very grateful to know that I was in close proximity to them.  Thank you!  I love being listed!”
    Bryan S., Sandy, UT | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  I received a call from this directory and wrote 2 Med Supps, Life and 2 drug plans.  I was shocked this is where they got my name.  I was thrilled they were able to find me so easily.  They will be long time customers thanks to this directory.
    Christine I, Fountain Hills, AZ | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  I got 3 leads that resulted in 2 Med Supp sales and 1 MAPD sale.  Thanks for the site.  Way worth the money.”
    Jeffrey J, Hvre de Grace, MD | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  I received a phone call from a gentleman needing to change his Medicare plan.  I scheduled a meeting that same day.  Turned out his wife wanted to make a change as well.  I walked away with 2 apps.
    Teresa C., Rancho Cucamonga, CA | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT: I always ask people how they found me and these were all via the AAMSI site. One lady even remarked that she liked what I wrote about helping people. Three found me during AEP and four others that I will write next year. I am just one year in but have almost 10 policies attributed to the site. So THANK YOU!!!”
    Marnie A., Knoxville, TN | December 2018
  • AEP 2018 REPORT:  My first referral from the directory was a husband and wife resulting in 2 Med Supp, 2 PDP and 2 Dental/Vision plans.  The sales more than paid for the cost of the listing.  Plus I wrote one Medicare Advantage plan from a directory referral during AEP.”
    Patty R, Norfolk, VA | December 2018
  • Added my three year listing and within a few weeks had my first consumer inquiry.  Consumers searching online for local agents are clearly using the Association’s directory. ”
    Phyllis D, Gloucester Point, VA | November 2018
  • Closed another sale from being found on the Association's directory.  I think I am up to 4 now!  They liked my picture along with the combo of information and the ability to use the directory anonymously.”
    Alison C, Westmont, IL | November 2018
  • It pays. You should do it! I signed up for a 3 year listing. Within a few months I had 2 prospects email me. One came to my office and purchased a Med Supp Plan F. A second client came to my office with his wife and will enroll. My listing on the Association's directory has already more than paid for itself.”
    Gary O, Stuart, FL | October 2018
  • Any exposure for our business is valuable, so we signed up for a 3 year listing. Within a few months, we sold a husband and the first year premium covered half the cost. Thanks. I'm sure that's only the beginning because we'll soon write the wife and likely folks they refer. Great exposure and great results.”
    Diana E, Richmond, VA | October 2018
  • My listing has added credibility to my business.  I have gotten several calls and have written Supplemental as well as MAPD cases as a result of it.  I also appreciate the news releases and have used them in my local papers during Open Enrollment.  Thank you for what you have provided to help me grow my business.
    Kathy K-J, Columbus, PA | September 2018
  • I was impressed that I have received 3 leads since I signed up a couple of months ago. I've met (and sold) women who have found me on the Association directory.”
    Carol J, St. Louis, MO | September 2018
  • My listing has had a great ROI for my business and has also helped to legitimize and support my local presence and expertise as a Medicare insurance agent. It is amazing how well Medicaresupp.org shows up on Google. My website would never show up in the top-10 results for "medicare insurance agent / broker". Highly recommend posting!”
    Brian C, Dover, NH | September 2018
  • I have been listed in the "Find An Agent Directory" since February 2016 and I have been very pleased with the results. As a result I opted for a 3 year listing in March 2017, figuring that one sale would more than cover the cost (which it has), and more importantly, exceeded those expectations.  This has been an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) for my marketing dollars, to say the least!”
    Bruce E, Waxhaw, NC | August 2018
  • I am pleased to say that the listing is working. In the last two months we have had at least five calls and three have resulted in new clients. The clients told me they liked being ablke to connect directly to my website and learn about my services. Thank you for providing this to agents!”
    Colleen C, Pleasant Hill, CA | July 2018
  • Since adding my listing in January of this year, I’ve already received five leads. The first policy sold more than paid for my listing. What a real value to agents seeking new consumer leads.”
    Marnie A, Knoxville, TN | June 2018
  • A few months after my listing went live I got my first lead which is turning into my first sale. That one sale will more than pay for my three year listing, making this a good lead-gen investment.”
    Alison C, Westmont, IL | June 2018
  • Over the past year, the Association's online directory has generated as many new consumer leads as I've gotten from having my own website!”
    Elie H, Mansfield, OH | June 2018
  • My Med Supp agent listing at medicaresupp.org has allowed me to be front and center to seniors searching for a quality resource. The lead results are excellent and my listing represents the best Medicare marketing money that I have spent in over 10 years of insurance brokerage business.”
    Dave M, Indianapolis, IN | June 2018
  • I signed up not knowing what to expect but figured if I got 1 deal it would be worth it. In my first year I didn't get 1 deal, I got 3!!! Consumers said they searched Google for local brokers and this directory ranked tops. Glad to be part!”
    Jeremy H, Hartland, MI | May 2018
  • I added my listing on Wednesday afternoon and received my first inquiry on Thursday. Wow, what more is there to say!”
    Denice S, Findlay, OH | April 2018
  • I'd say I've had at least 10 sales this year between my two listings: a mixture of Med Advantage/Prescription Drug and Med Supp. I've even recommended the site to 2 agents--but not in my area (of course).”
    Janice S, Marietta, GA | March 2018
  • My listing has brought my agency business and helped reassure clients that we are a professional organization with Medicare insurance expertise.”
    Scott E, S. Burlington, VT | March 2018
  • Wow. I just renewed my listing because in one year I easily had 20 consumer inquiries and sold about 16 policies. Appreciate the value and the work you do.”
    Bill H, Fort Worth, TX | February 2018
  • I thought I'd try and list myself for 1-year.  So far, I've closed four Med Supp cases and met some great people who undoubtedly will refer me to others.  I'm definitely renewing my listing because it was well worth it.”
    Chrystine D, Carmichael, CA | February 2018
  • I signed up for 3 years figuring one sale would cover it. Not only have I already covered the 3 year fee, I came out quite a bit ahead (after just a few months). My first contact resulted in 2 Med Supp enrollments. I've also enrolled 2 MAPDs and have an appointment with another contact tomorrow. And, I still have two more years of paid-up advertising to go!.
    Robin B, Venice, FL | January 2018
  • I have had 2 successful Med Supp sales based solely on my profile on the website. And, since then, I have received 2 other referrals from those clients that I enrolled into MAPD plans this past AEP. So, 4 closed commissionable sales from this site (in less than 1 year). Thanks.”
    Bryan S, Sandy, UT | December 2017
  • I signed up in mid-September and have (in 3 months) received 4 calls/emails to date. They've resulted in 5 Med Supp and 5 PDP plans. Very happy with the results.”
    Diane A, Beaverton, OR | December 2017
  • For me, being listed has generated Med Supp leads and sales PLUS a Medicare Advantage sale. Clearly consumers looking for local Medicare insurance experts are using this website.”
    Ita S, Miami, FL | August 2017
  • I have already had a few calls and 2 sales (first few months) so I went ahead and added a second listing because I split my time between 2 offices.  I might do a third!”
    Eric J, Huntsville, AL | August 2017
  • One of my FMOs offered to help with the (cost) of the listing so I signed up last week.  Within 3 days I received an email from a prospect!  She had already talked with many agents but liked the way I worked and I will be writing her application next week.  So, I basically paid for my 3 year subscription.  Sa-weet!”
    Debbie H, Manhattan Beach, CA | August 2017
  • I just got my second lead from my listing.  That's 2 in three months.  I only got one the first year I was listed, so whatever you're doing is working.”
    Ron C, Redwood City, CA | July 2017
  • Within the first week I had a prospect call, searching for an agent who could better understand women's health issues.  Also had an agent refer a client moving to my area. Thanks.”
    Gina N, Little Rock, AR | June 2017
  • I did get 2 leads that converted within 1 week of adding my listing.  (To other agents) please don't add your listing; don't need the competition!”
    Tyler S, San Diego, CA | May 2017
  • In less than one month (after adding my listing) I received 5 leads and booked 3 appointments. The other 2 asked me to follow up in a month. I never though I'd get a lead this soon. 5 was a wow!”
    Dave C, St. Charles, IL | April 2017
  • One week after my listing posted I closed my first lead-generated sale. Great job.”
    Mark S, Denver, CO | March 2017
  • It's been 23 days since I added my listing. Amazing. Added 5 new clients! Thank you for the website.”
    Elizabeth H, Charlotte, NC | March 2017
  • Love the Zip Code look-up format.  Got a lead, made a sale within the first 2 weeks of adding my listing.”
    Tony W, Chicago, IL | March 2017
  • I have received 2 leads thus far.  That more than covers my cost.”
    Steve T, Nashville, TN | January 2017
  • Over the past year, the listing generated 11 leads that converted into 8 sales. Consumers who want to sit down with a local Medicare insurance agent are definitely using this online directory.”
    Susan P, Flemington, NJ | January 2017