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See why you must have a Medicare insurance leads focused Linkedin profile.  And get the simple how-to tips that you can use to create a profile that consumers will see.  Jesse Slome explains how to do it all yourself with simple step-by-step instructions.

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medicare insurance leads using linkedin profile

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A Message from Jesse Slome, Director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance

The Covid 19 virus has changed everything.  When it comes to Medicare insurance, consumers were already using the Internet to find information and policies.  That will only increase now.  The question every agent and broker needs to ask is “am I going to be part of the virtual online world used to sell Medicare insurance?”

The Internet enables consumers to quickly get what they want.  Consumers want information.  They also want local Medicare agents.  Increasingly, they want to buy coverage online.

It also enables agents and brokers to get information that will help increase success.  For that reason I asked Fleetwood to record an important presentation that I believe will be of value.  Since they said yes, it seemed appropriate to allow them to charge and keep funds to cover their costs.

We did request a special significant code that will enable you to watch the full video for just $5.  Is it worth the full price.  I believe it definitely is.  But, I’m looking forward to seeing as many agents as possible watch and benefit from the video.

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