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Medicare Supplement Insurance Association Offers Marketing Tools

Medicare insurance leads tools to get Medigap leadsNew tools created specifically for insurance agents who market Medicare solutions were unveiled by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).

“The Medicare insurance marketplace has become highly competitive and agents who want to be successful need every possible advantage,” shares Jesse Slome, AAMSI’s director. “We make available generic marketing tools designed for independent Medicare insurance agents and are pleased to be adding to the library of available tools.”

Slome shared the news with the nearly 1,000 Medicare insurance agents who are listed on the organization’s online directory. The directory is now the leading free resource for consumers looking to find a Medicare agent in their area.

“I’m a big believe in the power of using Linkedin to position yourself as an insurance professional,” Slome explained to the group. “You want your Linkedin profile to look highly professional and one could easily spend hundreds of dollars creating or purchasing images. We’re delighted to make available Medicare-specific banners for listed agents who want to maximize the impact of their online presence.”

New banners for Medicare insurance agents sales toolsThe Association unveiled banners that can be placed atop the individual agent’s Linkedin profile. “While Linkedin primarily is used today by millions seeking jobs or companies looking to hire employees, it’s top-of-the-page ranking on Google searches makes it a mandatory marketing tool for agents who want to be found when consumers do online searches,” Slome explains. “When your profile comes up, the top banner image is the first image seen by the prospect so nothing is more important to establishing your image.   That banner is your business storefront and nobody buys from a store that appears shabby and run down.”

To learn more about becoming listed on the Medicare Insurance Agent Directory visit the Association’s website at or call the organization for details.

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance is an advocacy and informational organization that strives to create heightened awareness for the many Medicare insurance planning options and supports insurance professionals who market Medicare insurance. To find local Medicare insurance agents in your Zip Code go to