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Medicare Supplement Leads

Supplement Leads Are Key!   IF your success depends on selling Medicare Insurance solutions, you know how important it is to get new prospects.

Getting quality prospects is difficult and can be costly.

Here’s an option worth considering.

Medicare-Supplement-leadsGET CALLS & EMAILS

Every day hundreds of consumers do online searches for information.

One of the key search phrases is “local Medicare agent“. Another is “local Medicare Insurance broker“.

Do your own Google search using these terms.

Want Supplement Leads? Consumers Want Local Agents!

Often the first organic result listed by Google is the Association’s Agent Directory.  Organic listings are the ones that appear below the paid advertisements.

Every day hundreds of consumers click on the link to access the Association’s directory.

Every day agents listed get calls and emails from consumers seeking a local Medicare agent to work with.

That agent could be YOU!

The cost of a 2-year listing is less than the compensation from the sale of one plan.

Read the testimonials on the right.  Or click the link to read all  testimonials from Medicare Agents Listed on the Directory.

See Costs – Add Your Listing

There are 1-year and 2-year listing options.  It’s very easy to add your own listing and photograph.  Doing it yourself will also save you $50 (do NOT check the $50 box).

Medicare Insurance agent directory

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many consumers visit the Association’s website?  During 2021, over 87,000 individuals visited the website

How many used the Find An Agent directory?  Google Analytics reports that nearly 90% of our website visitors are looking at the directory.

Do agents really get leads?  Absolutely.  Read the testimonials posted.  They are from real agents.  Access their listing for tips on what consumers like.

Am I guaranteed a Medicare Supplement lead?  Consumers who visit the directory see a complete listing of agents.  They pick who they want to call or email.  Having a photo and a great description increases the chances they will pick you.

Does the directory generate Medicare Advantage leads? YES – and YES.  Again, read the testimonials we post after Medicare Open Enrollment.  Most of those reflect MA sales.

Can I really add my own listing?  Yes, virtually all agents add their own listing.  There is no reason to pay the website folks $50.  Just try it yourself.  If you run into problems call the Association.

Is a photo important? Consumers tell us that it is.

Medicare Insurance Leads

This is what consumers do when they want to find agents to help them with information.  They go to Google and search for Medicare Insurance agents.

Give it a try and click on the Association’s directory.

See which of your competitors are listed.

Medicare Insurance leads

Click this link to access Google, search for “Medicare Insurance agents near me’

Latest 10 Comments from Listed Agents

“I was impressed that I have received 3 leads since I signed up a couple of months ago. I’ve met (and sold) women who have found me on the Association directory.”

Posted September 2018
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Posted July 2024
Carol J.
St. Louis, MO

“My listing has had a great ROI for my business and has also helped to legitimize and support my local presence and expertise as a Medicare insurance agent. It is amazing how well shows up on Google. My website would never show up in the top-10 results for “medicare insurance agent / broker”. Highly recommend posting!”

Posted September 2018
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Posted July 2024
Brian C.
Dover, NH

“I have been listed in the “Find An Agent Directory” since February 2016 and I have been very pleased with the results. As a result I opted for a 3 year listing in March 2017, figuring that one sale would more than cover the cost (which it has), and more importantly, exceeded those expectations.  This has been an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) for my marketing dollars, to say the least!”

Posted August 2018
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Posted July 2024
Bruce E.
Waxhaw, NC

“I am pleased to say that the listing is working. In the last two months we have had at least five calls and three have resulted in new clients. The clients told me they liked being ablke to connect directly to my website and learn about my services. Thank you for providing this to agents!”

Posted July 2018
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Posted July 2024
Colleen C.
Pleasant Hill, CA

“Since adding my listing in January of this year, I’ve already received five leads. The first policy sold more than paid for my listing. What a real value to agents seeking new consumer leads.”

Posted June 2018
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Posted July 2024
Marnie A.
Knoxville, TN

“A few months after my listing went live I got my first lead which is turning into my first sale. That one sale will more than pay for my three year listing, making this a good lead-gen investment.”

Posted June 2018
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Posted July 2024
Alison C.
Westmont, IL

“Over the past year, the Association’s online directory has generated as many new consumer leads as I’ve gotten from having my own website!”

Posted June 2018
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Posted July 2024
Elie H.
Mansfield, OH

“My Med Supp agent listing at has allowed me to be front and center to seniors searching for a quality resource. The lead results are excellent and my listing represents the best Medicare marketing money that I have spent in over 10 years of insurance brokerage business.”

Posted June 2018
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Posted July 2024
Dave M
Indianapolis, IN

“I signed up not knowing what to expect but figured if I got 1 deal it would be worth it. In my first year I didn’t get 1 deal, I got 3!!! Consumers said they searched Google for local brokers and this directory ranked tops. Glad to be part!”

Posted May 2018
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Posted July 2024
Jeremy H.
Hartland, MI

“I added my listing on Wednesday afternoon and received my first inquiry on Thursday. Wow, what more is there to say!”

Posted April 2018
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Posted July 2024
Denice S.
Findlay, OH