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Get Medicare Supplement Insurance Consumer Calls & Email Inquiries

Medicare Supplement Leads generated every day by seniors searching for a local Medicare insurance agent.  Be the one they choose.  Add your listing to the directory of agents selling Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage solutions.

Medicare Supplement LeadsA proven way to attract consumers searching for Medicare solutions.

Every day 200 consumers visit the Association’s website.  Based on Google Analytics data, they go directly to one webpage.  That page is our directory listing LOCAL MEDICARE INSURANCE AGENTS.

That’s 80,000 a year (2021).  And, the 2021 number was a 39% increase over 2020.  Each year the number grows as the Association’s directory gains visibility.

If you are looking for Medicare Supplement leads, consider adding your listing.

Medicare Supplement Leads – Add Your Listing To The Directory

Click this link to access pricing for the National Medicare Agent Directory.

Access the agent directory and see who else is listed in your area.  No sign-in info is needed.

Read testimonials from actual agents listed.  You can click on a link to see their actual listing,

Here’s what most agents ask us.

HOW DO CONSUMERS FIND THE DIRECTORY?   We all do Google searches (or Bing, or Yahoo … but mostly Google).  One of the common searches is for “Medicare Agent near me“.  Try it yourself and look at the results.

The top listings are Paid Ads.  Those companies will either sell insurance directly (Call Center).  Or they are paying people to click.  Then they sell the lead.

Medicare Supplement Leads online directoryBelow the paid ads are ‘organic ads’.

The Association’s directory often is at the very top of that list.

The #1 listing gets the most clicks.  That is how consumers find and access the Association’s directory.

DO CONSUMERS ONLY LOOK FOR MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT?  No.  Many consumers don’t differentiate between the Medicare lingo.  We know this because during AEP, thousands of consumers use the directory to find agents offering Medicare Advantage and PDP drug plans.

Click this link to read testimonials from agents listed on the directory.

WHY IS THERE A COST TO BE LISTED?  The directory is the primary source of income for the Association.  It supports our work creating consumer awareness.  Much of that awareness strives to educate consumers about the value of finding and working with a local Medicare insurance agent.

That said, we priced the listing so that 1 (one) sale basically paid for the cost of a 1 year listing.  It may even cover the cost for a 2-year listing.

Questions About Medicare Leads

HOW MANY LEADS SHOULD I GET?  When you read the agent testimonials, you’ll see some agents got one sale.  Some made more than that.  Those agents don’t pay more to be listed.  Understandably they are very happy.

But remember it is the consumer who picks.  All we can do is drive consumers to the directory.  Then they get to pick who they want to connect with.  That’s why having a great listing is so important.  And, we give tips for doing that.

AM I GUARANTEED ANY LEADS?  The short answer is no.  When consumers access the directory, they see a listing based on the Zip Code they entered.  Each consumer gets to pick who they want to contact.  

Having a great listing greatly increases the chances you’ll get more Medicare Supplement leads.  You can read our tips for a strong listing.

ARE THE MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT LEADS EXCLUSIVE?  Most consumers only call or Email one Medicare insurance agent.  So, YES, we would consider these exclusive leads.

ARE THERE ANY DISCOUNTS?  We offer a number of General Agencies discount codes that they can share with their agents.  If your agency doesn’t have a discount code, have them call Jesse Slome at 818-597-3227.

The Association would gladly offer a discount code to any insurer.  They can also call us to request.

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