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Medicare Supplement Insurance Association’s Website Traffic Grows 122 Percent

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The number of individuals seeking information on the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance’s website increased 122 percent according to outside analysis performed for the national trade organization.

“The growth is impressive and indicative of the increased interest in the subject and the added features we’ve added to make the website more useful for consumers,” declares Jesse Slome, director of organization.    An analysis of 12 months of traffic was undertaken as the organization prepares for the 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment period that starts in October.

“We wanted to see how consumers in particular are using the website, what information they seek and how we can prepare to meet their needs,” Slome continued. “One of the most popular features we offer is the Find A Local Medicare Insurance Agent online look-up,” he noted. The free service enables consumers to enter a Zip Code and pull up Medicare insurance agents in their vicinity.

According to the study, website visits to the Association’s website increased 122.18 percent for the 12 month period ending June 30. New users represented a 121.4 percent increase. “What surprised us positively among the findings was that the average session duration was just over three minutes,” Slome added. “We are told that is an indication that people find the website information of value and are taking the time to read the information we provide.”

The vast majority of visitors (98.4 percent) came from the United States. Visitors were generally equally balanced between men and women.

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To access the Association’s online directory of Medicare Supplement agents visit The free service does not require individuals to enter any personal information to access the directory.

Slome is director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance as well as the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. Established in 1998, the organizations advocate for the importance of planning and help consumers connect with knowledgeable professionals who are independent advisors.