Medicare Supplement Insurance Agent Directory Makes News

Medicare Supplement Insurance Agent Directory Makes News

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The national online directory that lists agents looking to help educate consumers about Medicare insurance choices is making news according to the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

“We launched the vastly improved agent directory on Monday and seeing it in major news outlets is a good sense of things to come,” declares Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. The group re-launched the online directory that enables consumers to enter a Zip Code and get a listing of agents within their immediate area.

A number of major news outlets and online news features including Yahoo Finance have carried news today about the Association’s new consumer resource.
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“Consumers want a resource where they can find local experts to answer their questions and help them get comparison quotes from multiple Medigap insurers,” Slome notes. “The Association’s new agent directory doesn’t require consumers enter any of their own information to access the listing, something consumers told us they wanted.”

The Medicare Supplement agent online directory enables consumers to see agents in their area and to decide who, if anyone, they wish to contact. “Choosing the best kind of Medicare insurance plan to get is not easy and it’s probably the most important decision you’ll make to protect your health choices and savings during retirement,” Slome adds.

According to Slome, the previous online agent directory did not offer the Zip Code look-up feature and contained les information to help consumers check-out the various agents listed. “We know a significant number of consumers want to work with a local professional, someone they can meet with face to face and there is no other independent resource that connects buyers and sellers,” Slome says.



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