Medicare Consumer Tips Make National News

Medicare Supplement Association Consumer Tips Make National News

A series of tips to help consumers evaluating Medicare insurance options is generating national news headlines for the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

“There are some really valuable and little known tips that can benefit individuals considering the choice between a Medicare Advantage and a Medicare Supplement plan,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the Medigap trade group. The organization hosts the nation’s leading online Find A Medicare Supplement Agent directory.

“Medicare is a key part of retirement and the online directory is the only free, national resource that connects consumers with local insurance professionals simply by entering your Zip Code,” Slome adds.  There is no cost to access the listing and no information needs to be added in order to view contact information for hundreds of agents across the country.

The tips shared by leading Medigap agents has been appearing in news media outlets across the country.  “We are seeing the news appear in over 100 media outlets,” adds Slome.  “That’s great exposure for the online consumer agent listing.  We know consumers are using it to find local Medigap agents.”

Here are a few of the major news outlets with links to read the news postings:


Yahoo Finance

Arizona Republic (online)

Sacramento Bee

To find a local Medicare Supplement agent go to the Association’s website.

Find Medicare Supplement agents

Find Medicare Supplement agents at

Agents interested in adding their listing to the American Association for Medicare Supplement’s online directory can obtaining pricing information and read testimonials from real agents listed online.  “We will never promise an agent a lead but the testimonials are from real people who added their listing after the directory was relaunched in mid-February,” Slome shares.  “We know consumers want local agents and we are doing all we can to create visibility that will generate increased web traffic.”  To learn more about being listed, read Medicare Supplement listing information.