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For Conference Speakers 2021

Thank you for agreeing to speak at the 2021 National Medicare Supplement insurance industry conference — including the AGENT FREE DAY.

We leave no stone unturned promoting BOTH the FREE DAY and the full conference.  But, your help spreading the word is important and appreciated.

If you promote the conference ON YOUR WEBSITE or VIA FACEBOOK with a direct online link to the Conference webpage, we will reciprocate.  I will promote you with a live link to your website using our paid PR service.  Links are so important today for Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

To get a reciprocal SEO, I ask that you specifically link the words ‘Medicare insurance conference’  (shown underlined)   to

Below are some words to make things easier.  But feel free to be as creative as you want.

Be sure to send me a link to whatever you do.  We’ll include examples below!  THANK YOU.

Jesse Slome, Conference Architect

Promote Your Role in the Agent Free Day (Sept 8)

Suggested Text for Website Posting   I’m proud to be speaking at the free National Medicare Sales Summit taking place Wednesday September 8, 2021 in NW Chicago.  This is part of the National Medicare Insurance Conference organized by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.  There is no cost to attend.  Plus you get free access to the National Medicare Insurance Exhibit Hall.  Complete details can be accessed online at

Suggested Text For Facebook Group Posts:  Check out the FREE Selling Medicare Insurance Conference  Wed. September 8, 2021 — NW Chicago.  I’ll be one of the 20+ key speakers. All attendees get free access to the Exhibit Hall featuring 134 booth spaces.  No cost to attend.  Even parking is free. Check it out at

conference-speakers-2021-smallFeel free to use this image. 
We created a web ‘shortcut’ ( but I’m asking you to use the full webpage address.  That helps with our SEO.

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