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Medicare Insurance Agents Near Me for Best 2020 Medicare Supplement Costs

2020 Guide To Best Medicare Supplement Prices

HERE’S A FACT YOU NEVER SEE ON EVEN THE BEST TV ADS FOR MEDICARE INSURANCE:  When it comes to Medicare Supplement (Medigap) the cost for virtually identical coverage varies significantly.  In one Zip Code, you could pay $200-per-month … or $400-per-month.

HERE’S ANOTHER FACT:  No Medigap insurance company is ALWAYS the LOWEST COST.  No company is consistently the HIGHEST.

HOW DO YOU GET THE BEST COVERAGE – FOR THE BEST (LOWEST) COST?  In our opinion, you comparison shop.  And, you find a competent Medicare insurance professional who can help you.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A MEDICARE INSURANCE AGENT:  Every insurance agent wants to sell you something (that’s how they earn their living, via commissions paid by the insurance company).  But, all insurance agents are not created equal.

AN INSURANCE AGENT is generally only ‘appointed‘ with one insurance company.  Simply stated, they can only earn a commission by selling you that company’s policy.

AN INSURANCE BROKER is typically independent and appointed with multiple insurance companies.  They can sell any of the companies they are appointed with.

KNOW THIS IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE and know that you may need to work with both to get the best available options for where you live.

Best Medicare plan G prices costs 2020WHERE CAN YOU FIND MEDICARE INSURANCE AGENTS NEAR YOU?  The Association website has the largest online directory of Medicare agents all across the U.S..

It’s free to use and 100% private. 

To access the Directory, simply ENTER your Zip Code in the GET A FREE QUOTE box (on the right) …. or

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Get prices for Medigap insurance from local professionalsThe American Association for Medicare Supplement insurance does NOT endorse, sell or recommend any particular insurance company, policy or agent.  The directory is a service we provide to help consumers.

Best Medicare Supplement Plan G Prices for 2020

The Association’s conducts periodic research including a cost analysis of Medicare Supplement policies.   For 2020, we compared prices for Medigap Plan G which we expect will be the most popular choice for turning turning age 65.  Previously Plan F was the most popular) but that is no longer available for new Medicare enrollees.

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2020 – Please note that this page is being updated all the time.

2020 Medicare Supplement Plan G Costs

The following are costs for Medigap Plan G for a healthy male or female turning 65.  Prices are per-month.   AAMSI 2020 Cost Comparison of leading Medigap insurance companies.   February 2020 and rates are always subject to change.  Additional discounts may reduce the cost.


City (Zip Code) Male (Lowest Cost) Male (Highest Cost)
Manhattan, NY 10012 $268-per-month $476-per-month
Los Angeles, CA 90001 $135 $300
Chicago, IL  60601 $119 $243
Washington, D.C. 20005 $114 $204
Houston, TX  77001 $128 $253
Dallas, TX 75001 $109 $381
San Francisco, CA  94105 $115 $248
Philadelphia, PA 19050 $145 $509
Boston, MA 02115 $197 $240
Atlanta, GA 30313 $113 $243


City (Zip Code) Female (Lowest Cost) Female (Highest Cost)
Manhattan, NY 10012 $268-per-month $476-per-month
Los Angeles, CA 90001 $135 $300
Chicago, IL 60601 $110 $234
Washington, D.C. 20005 $ 99 $178
Houston, TX 77001 $116 $253
Dallas, TX 75001 $ 99 $381
San Francisco, CA 94105 $115 $248
Philadelphia, PA 19050 $129 $451
Boston, MA 02115 $197 $240
Atlanta, GA 30313 $ 98 $243

2020 New York Medicare Supplement Plan G Costs

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