Mistakes To Avoid - Things the Website Doesn't Tell Consumers - Find Local Medicare Insurance Brokers Website Information And Mistakes To Avoid informationThe American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance has launched new informational information to help consumers utilizing the website.

“Medicare is enormously complex and while there’s an enormous amount of information on the government’s website, there are some important things missing and others that likely confuse many individuals,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the national organization. “With millions turning 65 every year and millions more already on Medicare we believed it was important information to share.”

Slome noted the information would be particularly valuable with the approach of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) that begins October 15. “This period of just 54 days offers millions of seniors special opportunities to review and change certain Medicare plan coverages.”

The Association points out certain things that the website fails to mention. “For example, it’s important for people to understand that some choices could be irrevocable or at the very least costly and difficult to change in the future,” Slome points out. “In other cases there are so many nuances within the many, many Medicare plan choices that sometimes seniors just succumb to what they think is their best option.”

Access the information and mistakes to avoid page by clicking the link.

“We encourage the use of the government website but advise that it also pays to talk to a local Medicare insurance agent,” Slome advises. “There is no savings and no special benefit when you buy directly, in fact the opposite could be true. A knowledgeable insurance agent knows the nuances of the many Medicare options and can help you avoid making a costly mistake. They don’t charge and can get you the identical plan options at the identical cost.”

To find local Medicare insurance brokers in your immediate county, access the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance ‘s free online agent directory. Nearly 1,000 independent Medicare specialists can be found using the free public resource. No personal information is entered to access the directory.

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