Medicare Consultants Near Me

Medicare Consultants Near Me

Why do we advise you to search for Medicare consultants near me? Because while Medicare is a national program, your choices are local. A local independent Medicare professional can help you understand your options. And they can discuss what others in your area have to say about various plans.

The American Association provides the leading online directory listing local Medicare insurance pros. Access is free. Most important, it’s 100% private. You see their listings. No personal information is required. That means no unwanted phone calls or emails. Click the link now to access the directory of Medicare insurance consultants.

Do I Really Need A Medicare Consultant?

Medicare Consultants Near Me

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No, you do not necessarily need a Medicare consultant.

But consider this. Prior to joining Medicare you likely had to choose between maybe 3 or 4 health care plan options. Your employer, your union or someone screened the choices. They selected a few they thought were best for the majority of their employees.

Now you could have 100 different plans available. There’s Original Medicare. Or Medicare Advantage, which isn’t really ‘Medicare’. And, there’s Medigap or Medicare Supplement. Plus Medicare prescription drug plan coverage.

Once you decide which of those options is best for you, consider this. Depending on where you live, there could be 70 different Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. Add to that 20 or 30 different Medigap plan providers. Is Plan G better for you? Or Plan N?

Yes, you will benefit from someone with experience, knowledge and a desire to help you navigate your Medicare plan options.

How Do Medicare Consultants Get Paid?

That depends. Various state agencies have senior volunteers available working as Medicare consultants. As volunteers they don’t get paid and thus they should be impartial. But some people we’ve talked to have said their help was superficial.

Then there are insurance agents and brokers. They get paid in two ways. Some work for Call Centers where they get paid a salary. Often they have incentives for selling policies. These incentives often are provided when they sell specific companies.

Others are independent. They get paid a commission directly from the insurance company when you buy coverage. The commission is built into the cost of the insurance. They can’t negotiate to get you a better price. So until you agree to buy and pay the premium, they are basically working for free.

What Questions Should I Ask Medicare Consultants Near Me?

  • Are you an agent, a broker or a volunteer?
  • How many years have you been advising people about Medicare options?
  • Where are you located – where do you work from?
  • Do you know about both Medicare Advantage and Medigap plan pros and cons?
Best Medicare Consultants Near Me

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What’s The Difference Between A Medicare Agent and Broker?

This is an important difference. An ‘agent’ by definition typically only can sell plans from one company. Thus that’s the plan they will tell you is the best for your needs. And it could be. But if you know they only have one plan to sell, then comparison shopping should be on your TO DO list.

On the other hand a ‘broker’ is able to sell multiple companies. As a result they should be less biased. But two things to keep in mind. First, most brokers limit the number of companies they are appointed with. Second, some do succumb to insurance company incentives. So, again, it’s your responsibility to do your homework. Our website has lots of ways to interview Medicare agents and brokers.

Why Does Experience Matter?

This should be obvious. Especially because the decision of which Medicare plan to choose is so important. Changing plans down the road may be possible. But not always.

Someone who has recently started selling Medicare plan options may be hungrier for your business. That could be good because they’ll work harder for you.

But they’ll lack vital knowledge. For example; has the insurance company raise premiums more than other insurers. Have good doctors and specialists left the network you might be required to use.

Where Are You Located – Why That Matters?

Most seniors buying Medicare insurance today do so over the phone. And that’s fine. Someone working in a Call Center can be a great resource. They might have lots of experience. Maybe they offer multiple plans.

But maybe they don’t. Maybe they are being given an incentive to push one plan or another. Will they really care about you as a client after you sign up?

For that reason alone, we believe it’s smart to speak with at least one local Medicare insurance agent or broker. Remember what we said; Medicare is National. But Medicare choices are local.

And someone local should want you to be happiest for 3 very good reasons. They earn money each year from the insurance company (less in subsequent years, but still). Happy clients refer others. And maybe you’ll talk to them about other insurance coverage like long-term care insurance or short-term care insurance.

Are You Comparing Both Medicare Advantage and Medigap?

Today you have options. Maybe Medicare Advantage is better for you. Because you want those free premiums. But they are not completely free; there can be high costs. Ask about them. And there can be issues if you get a serious health condition and want to see specialists.

Or Medigap may be a better option because you want great flexibility. But then there’s Medigap Plan G versus Plan N (the top 2 choices among seniors turning 65). Plan N can save you money. Future switching of insurers and plans may be possible, but not always.

If we haven’t convinced you by know that there’s value in finding Medicare Consultants Near Me, I’d love to hear from you.

Webpage Authored by Jesse Slome, Director, American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance
Posted July 11, 2024
Reviewed by AAMSI

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