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Medicare Brokers Near Me – Find The Best Ones: Medicare is a national program BUT Medicare plan options are local. Medicare agents may only offer ONE plan. A Medicare broker can typically offer multiple plans. Here are five reasons to find a broker near you.

  1. Medicare plans vary specifically based on your Zip Code.
  2. There can be 20-to-40 different Medicare Advantage options.
  3. Add to that another 20 Medigap and drug plans.
  4. Costs can vary and you can save $100’s monthly.
  5. Benefits vary also – especially the ‘free’ ones.

Agents Versus Brokers: What You Need To Know

You may never realized there are ‘insurance agents’ and ‘insurance brokers’. Aren’t they the same thing? No. Both must be licensed in order to sell insurance. If they offer Medicare Advantage and/or Medicare Supplement (Medigap) they must both follow the same rules.

But there is one significant difference. And that difference can matter to you!

An ‘agent’ is typically able to sell only one primary insurance company. At the very least, they are supposed to favor that company. That company could be the best plan for you. But if a Ford car dealer can only sell Fords, he or she won’t ever recommend you check out Toyota.

On the other hand, a ‘broker’ is generally used to identify insurance professionals who can sell you plans offered by multiple companies. To be honest, they’ll still have favorites. And, they typically won’t be selling all the available Medicare plan options.

That’s why we give you some questions to ask. See below.

Find Medicare Brokers Near Me – Free (Private!) Online Directory

Everybody wants to sell you Medicare insurance or coverage. The Association does NOT sell insurance. Let’s get that out of the way.

When you access most websites promoting Medicare they’ll be selling any personal information you enter. Sometimes they’ll sell or share it with multiple insurance agents. They’ll pay as much as $50 (or more). That’s why your phone will ring (and ring).

Directory Medicare brokers near me sell Advantage and Medigap

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We do NOT do that. The Association created a 100% free and 100% private directory. You merely enter your Zip Code and instantly you will see Medicare insurance pros within 100 miles.

No one knows who you are.

See their description. Plus their photo and contact info (phone and email).

Pick the one(s) to contact you want. If any.


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2 Questions To Ask: A Guide For Seniors

A good insurance broker (or agent) will ask you lots of questions. Your answers will help them get you the coverage that should be best for you.

So, you should not be worried about asking them a few questions of your own. Here are a few. We’ve included some added information so that you will feel comfortable. And, you’ll know what information you are really looking for.

Question #1: Where are you located? Unless you contacted someone using the Association’s directory, you likely are speaking with an agent in a Call Center. Or, at least, someone who purchased the information you entered or responded to.  This is a less confrontational question. So it’s a good one to start with. There’s nothing wrong with working with an agent in another State or in a Call Center. But, we believe someone local (who is experienced) should at least be one of the people you speak with. The more information, the more informed you’ll be before you choose.

Question #2: How many years have you been selling Medicare? Does experience matter? Because Medicare is complicated, we believe it does. That said, an agent or broker who is relatively new to the business is likely going to be hungry for your business. That can benefit you. But, it’s good information to have. In our opinion, someone selling 3-to-4 years (minimum) would be considered experience. Obviously, on our directory, you’ll see people who’ve been selling Medicare solutions for decades.

3 More Questions For The Brave Buyers

#3: Do you offer BOTH Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement (Medigap)? The two plans are very, very different. Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) is the more popular plan today. It’s the one you see advertised so much on television. But there are pros and cons to both options. Some agents just sell one option. Others will offer both. You want to know this because if the agent or broker only offers one, they will never talk about the other.

#4: What’s the Medicare plan you sell most of? We’re betting the agent will try to duck answering this one. Likely answer will be ‘I tailor my recommendation to what’s best for you’. Don’t let them off the hook. You want to hear specific names. Because if they answer UnitedHealthcare, Aetna and Cigna, they’ve possibly left out some major players. You may want to see what’s available from Humana or Mutual of Omaha. Or, in many states there are good plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

#5: After I enroll, do I call you if I have questions or need help? Most of your questions will ultimately be answered directly from the plan provider. But you’ll have questions. And down the road Medicare will change. New players will enter. Or your plan will change. So you’ll want to see if your plan is still the best. Having a local expert who knows you and your history can be desirable. But that’s up to you.

These five questions should get you started.

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