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Find Medicare Brokers My Area – Medicare is a national program. But your Medicare plan options are local. That’s why it’s smart to find and speak with at least one Medicare broker in your area. Here are tips to help you find a good one to speak with. And questions to ask that will make you a smarter Medicare plan shopper.

Why Should I Search For a Medicare Broker in My Area?

    1. Medicare Brokers My AreaBecause Medicare plan options are based specifically on where you live.
    2. There are likely too many plans available for any one person to competently compare.
    3. A broker will generally represent multiple insurers.
    4. So that you can compare benefits of Medicare Advantage versus Original Medicare and Medigap.
    5. Free plans sound great but may actually cost.
    6. No cost benefits also sound great. But they vary.
    7. Changing plans may be possible. But not always.

Use the Association’s directory to find Medicare brokers. You only enter a Zip Code to see the directory. Decide who you want to call or Email. It’s 100% private. That means NO unwanted spam phone calls or emails.

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5 Things Seniors Need To Know About Finding The Best Medicare Plan Choices

  1. Medicare is National. Your Plan Choices Are Local.
  2. Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans May or May Not Be Your Best Choice.
  3. You Could Literally Have 100 Plan Options To Compare.
  4. Medicare Allows Switching. But NOT always.
  5. Plans Change. Rates Increase. Thinking About Tomorrow Is Smart!

Medicare Is National. Your Medicare Plan Choices Are Local.

You could have 100 or more different Medicare plan options to choose from. Comparing them all will drive you mad. And plans available in your Zip Code may not be available a few miles away.

Are you better off sticking with Original Medicare? Should you opt for one of those plans heavily advertised on television? Is a free plan being advertised really free?

Most importantly, can you switch plans if you are not happy? What are your options if the plan you pick ceases to exist?

Are the costs guaranteed? What if you travel? Or move?

These are all vital questions to get answered. And when you call a toll free number, you are speaking to an anonymous operator.

When you find and work with a local Medicare insurance broker, you hope they will care about you as their client. They hopefully want you to be their client for many years. Maybe you’ll be so happy that you’ll refer others to them.

Medicare Advantage May Not Be Your Best Choice

The television ads sound so great. Free this and no cost that. Benefits no one has ever told you about.

While great, Medicare Advantage plans do stop operating. Thus we list five top plans that closed below.

Millions of American seniors now have Medicare Advantage coverage (Medicare Part C). These are NOT offered by Medicare. Your plan comes from a private insurance company or health care provider. And they are not completely free. So you really need to understand all your cost risks and exposure.

That is not necessarily bad. But, it’s something you need to know. Because they are in business for two reasons. #1 is profit. #2 is your health.

And Medicare is squeezing Medicare Advantage providers. Some are even dropping out of the business. It’s important for you to really understand these plans.

Finally, one of the great benefits included with Medicare Advantage plans are dental coverage. Especially seniors who need dental care. But again, here the plan benefits vary widely. Does the plan only cover routine cleanings? Because another plan may cover cleanings and allow money towards implants. That can be thousands of dollars of added savings.

We have some more information below.

Medicare Allows Switching But NOT Always

The rules are complex. Again they can vary by states. For example, some states have Medicare Birthday Rules that provided added benefits around your birthday.

So pick a plan that meets your needs today. But at least ask questions about your rights and ability to switch. What if the plan changes? Can you switch if rates change? What are your options if you move?

What Consumers Don’t Know About Medicare Advantage Plans

Complexity of Provider Networks: One aspect that consumers may not fully understand about Medicare Advantage plans is the complexity of provider networks. Unlike Original Medicare where beneficiaries can see any healthcare provider that accepts Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans often have restricted networks. This means that individuals may need to switch doctors or healthcare facilities if they join a Medicare Advantage plan, potentially limiting their choice of providers.

Out-of-Pocket Costs: Another crucial point that consumers might overlook is the potential for unexpected out-of-pocket costs with Medicare Advantage plans. While these plans may offer low premiums or even $0 premiums, they often come with copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles that can add up significantly, especially if an individual requires frequent medical services or specialized care.

Prior Authorization Requirements: Consumers may not be aware of the prior authorization requirements imposed by many Medicare Advantage plans. Prior authorization is a process where the insurance company must approve certain treatments, procedures, medications, or services before they are provided to ensure they meet specific criteria for coverage. This can lead to delays in receiving care and potential challenges in accessing necessary treatments.

More About Medicare Advantage Plans

Limitations on Coverage: Some consumers may not realize that Medicare Advantage plans have limitations on coverage compared to Original Medicare combined with a Medigap policy. While these plans often include additional benefits like vision, dental, or hearing coverage, they may not cover certain services or treatments that are covered under Original Medicare. This could result in unexpected expenses if individuals require services not included in their plan.

Risk of Disenrollment: There is a risk of disenrollment from a Medicare Advantage plan if the plan terminates its contract with Medicare or if an individual moves out of the plan’s service area. In such cases, individuals would need to find alternative coverage which could lead to gaps in healthcare insurance and potential disruptions in care.

In conclusion, while Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive coverage and additional benefits beyond Original Medicare, consumers should carefully consider the limitations and potential drawbacks associated with these plans before enrolling.

Medicare Advantage Plans Closed in the Past 5 Years

In the past five years, several Medicare Advantage plans have closed or faced contract terminations with hospitals and health systems across the United States. Some of the notable closures and terminations include:

  1. Humana Medicare Advantage Plans: Several healthcare providers, including WellSpan Health in York, Pennsylvania, ECU Health in Greenville, North Carolina, and WakeMed in Raleigh, North Carolina, have announced that they will no longer accept Humana Medicare Advantage plans starting in 2024.
  2. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans: Genesis Healthcare System in Zanesville, Ohio, has decided to drop Anthem BCBS Medicare Advantage plans in 2024.
  3. Centene’s WellCare Medicare Advantage Plan: Southeast Georgia Health System based in Brunswick will terminate its contract with Centene’s WellCare Medicare Advantage plan on December 8.
  4. UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans: Scripps Health in San Diego ended its commercial and Medicare Advantage contracts with UnitedHealthcare. Additionally, Cape Fear Valley Health in Fayetteville, North Carolina, dropped UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans.
  5. Other Terminations: Vanderbilt Health in Nashville went out of network with Humana’s HMO Medicare Advantage plan earlier this year. Samaritan Health Services in Corvallis, Oregon also ended its commercial and Medicare Advantage contracts with UnitedHealthcare.

These are just a few examples of hospitals and health systems that have either dropped or terminated contracts with various Medicare Advantage plans over the past five years due to reasons such as excessive prior authorization denial rates, slow payments from insurers, billing fraud allegations, high denial rates, administrative burdens, and financial losses.

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