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Many Americans Mistakenly Sit Out Medicare’s Annual Enrollment

Medicare Annual EnrollmentResearch finds that finds that fewer than 4 in 10 average seniors review their Medicare plan each year during Medicare Annual Enrollment.  It’s a way to find the best deal shares the director of the Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).

“That may be a costly mistake for millions of Medicare recipients, declares Jesse Slome, AAMSI’s director. “The Medicare Annual Enrollment (AEP) period which ends December 7 is the time of the year when many more seniors need to take action.”

Skipping the Medicare AEP can mean missing out on savings or being stuck with a plan throughout 2020 that doesn’t meet changing health needs, Slome notes. “Plans differ, what you pay can differ quite considerably and for that reason we believe it benefits seniors to consult with local professionals who know the local plans that are available,” Slome recommends.

“It’s even more complicated this year because of the just launched Medicare Plan Finder,” Slome cautions. The new Medicare online comparison tool from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, means seniors need to start from scratch with a new system. “In the past, it was pretty easy for insurance professionals to help consumers use and access the system to find their best drug plan coverage but that’s really no longer the case,” Slome adds.

Waiting too long to start can be a significant mistake. “We are already hearing from Medicare insurance agents that they a booked solid with appointments,” Slome shares. “If you don’t want to do it all yourself, it’s really advisable to act sooner rather than later.”

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