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Medicare Annual Enrollment (AEP) Ends In One Week

During AEP Medicare insurance agents compare plans costsMillions of Americans are facing an imminent deadline because the 2019 Medicare Annual Enrollment (AEP) period ends December 7 admonishes the director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

“Medicare Annual Enrollment (AEP) has a deadline, just like April 15th is the deadline to file your taxes,” explains Jesse Slome, AAMSI’s director. “But there is a difference because you can file taxes late and risk a penalty or interest, but with the Medicare Annual Enrollment, there is no leeway. It’s act or risk having to wait until next year.”

Medicare Annual Enrollment began in October. It is an opportunity to re-evaluate and change certain coverages for the coming year. “There’s no reason to switch but there could be times when switching can get you better benefits, better choices and options and potentially a lower premium cost for your 2020 plan.”

The association offers a free national online directory where consumers can find local Medicare insurance agents available to provide information and help with comparisons. “There is no cost to access the directory, and it is completely private,” Slome explains, “but there’s no time left to act because the final week is always the most hectic and schedules are filled for many.”

To access the Medicare Agent Directory go to

The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance is an advocacy and informational organization that supports the industry and insurance professionals who market Medicare insurance options. For the most current Medicare insurance information on plans, buyers, and claimants data, go to

Using the Association’s Find A Local Medicare Insurance Agent directory is easy.  Simply enter your Zip Code and the national directory will bring up all listed agents within approximately 200 miles of your location.  You will be able to see their information (Name, description, photo and contact information) without having to enter any of your own personal information.  You can pick which agent or agents you would like to hear from.  Click their email link to send them a brief message asking them to connect with you.  There is no cost to use the directory and there is no obligation to deal with any of the agents who are listed.  This is merely a public service provided by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.